Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her her host sniff out the distinct odor of propaganda all over the right, and of course the latest leftist, dictatorial propaganda.

We will unpack layer after layer of unbiblical pastors who should resign or be impeached, unabashed perverts corrupting science in the government schools, and remind the adults that no one claiming the title of an institution can simply go silent in the face of of criticism, or questions without losing all credibility.

We lament: the continued lockdowns in China, (and the way the right wing media reports on them), the faux feeling of freedom in France and elsewhere, and the outbreak of monkeypox propaganda, which we hope isn’t as bad as you might be led to believe.

Disney continues grooming America’s children, high schools continue molesting students, and fewer and fewer young people appear to being seduced by the lure of a college degree.

All that plus: Elon Musk and the man America needs, the Bill Maher Greg Gutfeld paradigm, and the dangers of reporting on all the perverts out there!


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