Sgt. Pepper’s

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host open without apology, perform without excuse and then exit stage right.

A gun buy back illustrates the line separating bureaucrats from entrepreneurs, a Tulsa Public Schools teacher illustrates reason # 1,999 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, and the same people who told it was OK butcher innocent children, are now holding the children hostage to fear in the public school buildings.

But the crew at disntr know the score, (even if they’re a bit uncomfortable announcing it).

Howard Stern came out of his crypt to symbolically take the baby boomer generation to an interminable dinner with Jimmy Kimmel. Kanye West is a civilized Christian, but he’s not as talented, or as bright as Tucker Carlson seems to thinks he is.

Waukesha Christmas Parade killer Darrell Brooks should be put to death for contempt of court.

Gavin Newsom and Judge Leanne Le Mon should be arrested for aiding and abetting child rape, Masterpiece Cake Shop’s Jack Phillips is right, but his lawyers are forbidden to say it, and a mentally disturbed woman is funding her mutilation by streaming her mutilation on social media.

There was a Day Care center Massacre in Thailand that barely made the news, Elon Musk might be a CCP member, Zelensky is calling for a first strike, Biden can see Armageddon through the brain fog and an elite pile of criminally insane sex perverts seem hell bent on provoking WWIII.

All that plus achievement tests at the old homeschool, Joe Satriani vs Steve Vai, who is Sgt Peppers anyway? And more…



In Over Our Heads

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as together we witness the cresting of the lies, and the rising tide of truth.

Find out why those threatening MTG with the Death Penalty, should be tried and executed, which prosecutors and their political backers should also be put on trial, and reason 1,995 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools, (their counselor might just be at school in between rapes).

Europe is experiencing a cultural “murder suicide” at the hands of criminally insane, idiot children like Emmanuel Macron. Congress is setting up a bureaucracy to milk the coming “alien invasion” for all it’s worth. And in California Gavin Newsom can’t tell a CARB from the utter destruction of the state!

Learn a bit about water, and wells and tyrants. Find out who’s really to blame for the harm done by the experimental COVID vaccines, (and who deserves to be punished for it)!

The practice of medicine has effectively been abandoned by children who dressed up as doctors but never grew up, Scientific American thinks adults can be tricked into thinking “two sexes” is a recent, and questionable construct, and Elon Musk, (artist, not genius) has only half the argument about fertility and child rearing right.

The church’s abdication of it’s authority over marriage is the fountainhead of the social crisis, and appeals to the constitution must be superseded by appeals to the honor, and courage of the few grown men left in the Christian church.

All that plus an historic effort to put a man on the moon, unmasking bandits in Beverly Hills, how the MAGA, conservative “right” talks itself left, and just a few of the manifold reasons God has mercy on all the children, (adult and otherwise).



Left Wing Conservative

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they expose the left wing fronting as conservative.

If only green energy were “all about the money!” And if only we could put Dr. Fauci & his Chief Hysteric Rochelle – Rochelle Walensky behind us, (or behind something extremely thick). And if only Xavier Becerra were a short stop for the Cubs instead of a leading villain in the communist’s pandemic play!

Peter Thiel appears to be interested in picking up something with “conservative” men, George Foreman is getting extorted via the “Me two, or three, or twelve point five million”  movement, and a drag queen at the Department of Energy reminds us of the last time the church lost Western Civilization!

The “child abuse” doctor in Ohio meets the the illegal alien molester, meets the 10 year old victim and a large group of reporters, (and her mom) at the abortion mill, a 90’s Grunge band commits a self abortion on stage, And in Georgia, Arizona and Ohio we learn the only thing for sure in the Dobbs v Jackson decision was the end of America’s God Given Right to Life.

We now have the video proving cowardly police restrained a father while his daughter was killed in Uvalde. Homo, pervert “tech CEO” John Woodward thought he got away with murder even before O.J Simpson made it cool. And stopping for gas in California might get you killed (by judges, parole boards and vagrant monsters from the pit of hell).

It’s time the criminally negligent Just-a-System is put on trial, and time the families of victims get to do right on the order of the judge!

All that plus Buffer Insurance will pay their employees to be fruitful and multiply, America’s various coups deserve a case by case judgment, the elected communists and COVID hysterics are saving some kids despite themselves, the American flag is sufficient, thank you, and Donald Trump and Elon Musk are both nominated for “Artist of the Year!”