Self Absorbed Narcissists with Lawyers…

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she gets loud and funky with all the news you heard about, but maybe weren’t sure what to think.

There’s the Philadelphia judge who was stung in an operation that, if expanded would likely lead to the wholesale incarceration of an entire branch of the American government, the Humanist school superintendent shocked that the underage students he’s indoctrinated are out clubbing, and the punk who punched an octogenarian for asking him to stop cursing.

Hear about the two white lesbians suing because they got a black baby, another baby who is the first born of a transplanted womb, Prime minister Stephan and the new feminist government in Sweden, and the Boston bombers sister’s very domestic bomb threat.

Assisted suicide, (formerly known as murder) is “out of control” in the Netherlands and a University of Washington professor insists he’s no better than a bacteria.

October is “Millstone Month” in the American public schools, (also known as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered history month), and your kids will be taught to respect Margaret Cho, Freddy Mercury & mad dog killer CeCe McDonald.

A pedophile received the death penalty in England despite the best efforts of their justice system to avoid it, while in America Homosexual men were outed at the CDC as 2% of the population, but 60% of new HIV infections.

In Nineveh province it’s official; all the churches are empty and the Christians have been chased out by ISIS maniacs, (some of whom bear western passports). The Allied response? ISIS maniac’s from Europe must have their tweets approved by police…

And a City University professor in New York says we should have seen the rise of Islamist fanatics coming, as it was so obviously driven by the specter of climate change, (but despite this Barry and his minions insist they were all totally surprised).

Grab the po9dcast and enjoy a review of the news from a fresh perspective that might just make you think!