The Vanishing Art of Conservatism

Join America’s most conservative talker as he and his extremely attractive audio engineer boisterously lament the fact that in America today, liberals appear as conservatives, (but only because they’re being compared to flaming, godless, leftist, heathen, socialist, pervert, communist, homosexuals).

And that’s not all. We’ve got a waitress allegedly funding abortions with Rush Limbaugh’s tip money, “gay” friendly pro-abortion churches hiding (mostly catholic) illegal aliens, homeless pot-heads ascending to Denver, and another case where smoking dope got someone killed.

Tune in and hear about the teenage heathens rampaging in the subway, the Sandy Hook Commission’s recommendation to regulate home schooling, a government school teacher who once confessed to an unsolved murder, and a disillusioned American thug, come Oklahoma head chopper for the Islamic State.

And the war against the Islamic pirates continues with a victory in Nigeria, (and the enemy preparing to score a victory at Yale), while liberals are disguised as conservatives on the school board, Karl Rove leaks Mitt Romney’s latest presidential campaign update, and of course our latest report on the slow, sad suicide of Europe.

The campaign for Human Personhood for all is advancing from Moscow, to London, to North Dakota and Colorado, and even in New Hampshire where the bright light of righteousness once again exposed the seething alien innards of one Scott Brown!

And in celebrity gossip news, Wayne Gretzky’s daughter is so proud of her promiscuity she posted online about it, and a hip hop artist has adopted the name “Khalifa“, either in ignorance, or in league with Boko-Haram, The Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab and all the Moslem pirates!

Get it all at the podcast below…