Barometers of Humanity

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer mitigates the pressure of a civilization’s maniacal plunge to the breaking point.

We’ll go to outer space in search of platinum, take a trip to Maine and drop in on grannies against grand-children, and into Aaron Hernandez’ cell where we find something even more disturbing than we thought…

Hear about a Marine killed in something like combat at a McDonald’s Drive Thru in Chicago, how the criminal gang called Hamas is running the Gaza Strip into a deeper hell hole, and how the maniac running North Korea has kidnapped a third American!

Join us inIndianapolis as we peel back a pile of homos to find a tranny prom king, in New York where Harvey Weinstein continues his quest to raze civilization, to Las Vegas where the junkies get their needles from a vending machine, and then finally to British Columbia where “Welfare Wednesday” has devolved to it’s inevitable end.

But then there is Arkansas where 4 out of 8 ain’t bad when you’re talking about putting down mad dog killers.

Then it’s back to Holland where our call for an artillery barrage on the “Women on Waves” abortion ship so many years ago fell on deaf ears, and now the Dutch are web conferencing the murder of their society.

But in the City of Brotherly Love scientists are hard at work on the “artificial womb” project that was so callously passed over by a previous generation hell bent on developing the pill…

Hear about musicians dedicating their art to murderers and Fox News’ departure from overly generous salaries to middle of the road bloviators and strippers alike.

Find out how Michigan could become a free country again, and how the RE-publican party increasingly celebrates the vulgar & the stupid as “conservative.”

All at the podcast below…



Criminal Christianity

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to bring you the news of the week through the lens of original thought!

There’s Al Sharpton’s version of a “relay fast” in tepid support of Loretta Lynch, gropers at Denver International Airport & homos pouring out of the closet left and right!

Bobby Jindal says tolerance for criminal deviance is “great“, while lesbians gross out a cabbie in New York. Homosexulaists won’t bake a cake with Bible verses on it, a New York times homo restaurant critic says Biblical Christians “have no place at America’s table”. Military men are leaving the service in droves because they refuse to bow before the alter of Homosexual Supremecy, and Barry’s installed a gender neutral bathroom in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building!

Yes, since the hapless Christians decided to de-criminalize homosexuality, the homos are returning the favor by working day and night to criminalize Christianity.

Meanwhile the Secret Service in in melt down, the Louisiana Legislature is considering restoring Personhood to every person in the state, American women are going childless, and the day after Barry HO announce that Cuba no longer sponsors terrorists; terrorists sponsored by Cuba committed another massacre!

Hillary Clinton wants us all to believe she can win the ultimate popularity contest even though everybody hates her, a Wiccan “priestess” said the opening “prayer” over the Iowa Legislature, and exorcism, drugs and pornography are on the rise in the former Great Britain.

American college students mistook a gang rape at the beach in broad daylight for activities related to Spring Break, and Odin Lloyd’s mom has forgiven Aaron Hernandez for a murder he claims he didn’t commit, (further helping Arron on his way straight to Hell with jet rockets)!

It’s all the news you need to hear, and it’s all at the podcast below.