Thomas, Churchill, Solzhenitsyn & the Kraken

Listen in as Americas most attractive audio engineer and her host shake the scales from the eyes of America.

Stare into the dim new world as the Chinese Communist Party, (think Orwell’s Ministry of Truth) has “ended” poverty. While on the bright side, America’s military has successfully deceived it’s enemies, (domestic), and destroyed it’s enemies (foreign).

Sidney Powell’s Kraken’s gone down to Georgia, (and beyond)?

Colorado epitomized the COVID deception this past week: with their pervert governor testing positive, all of the Denver Broncos’ alleged quarterbacks sidelined, and Denver’s mayor playing the next hypocritical tyrant caught not really buying any of the hype.

According to Johns Hopkins University’s Genevieve Briand, there appears to be a lot of missing excess morbidity out there, (depending on who is telling the truth and who may be grinding a axe). But the minor celebrity vaccine rats just can’t get enough of themselves!

The Moors may have been defeated at Tours, but never the less are advancing on Washington state. And a medical professional decided to act in accordance with standard medical practice regarding masks and has lost his job for doing so.

Police apparently did not interfere with the car-jacking in which Black Lives Matter terrorist Hamza Nagdy was killed, and a gymnast escaped North Korea while proving the need for a 30 foot wall!

Meanwhile a Christian from Newark is going up against the homosexualists at Starbucks mixing up more than just your morning coffee.

Insurrectionists continued to try and destroy American history over Thanksgiving, ANTIFA punks threatened violence over the election fraud, and the Federal government is trying to execute a few convicted murderers by all legal means necessary.

All that along with Hunter Biden’s revenge, why Donald Trump is no Winston Churchill, why Cal Thomas’ book “America’s Expiration Date” is recommended reading, and why you never want to ask a Vegan to help you move.



Deception Delusion

Listen in as America’s most popular audio engineer and her host try to snap everyone out of all this.

Hear how the homosexualists continue coming for our kids, this time with a homo character from Pixar, while Europe is preparing with all moral vacuity to be dominated by China.

A COVID-19 Vaccine trial may not return results for a lack of active infections to fight, all the colds we’ve caught may have given many of us some immunity to this new cold virus, and the fact that the COVID-19 body count is being inflated, (in some cases grossly inflated) is now established by public health officials. The bug just ain’t as bad as we thought! (And for some reason none of this is “good news”).

The fall could see an appreciable increase in home-schooling, but Anthony “faulty” Fauci continues to act as if we are dealing with a bug that’s as catchy as the measles and as deadly as Ebola! He condescends to allow for some church, but only if you join the cult of the six feet-mask, and NO communion, and certainly NO singing! We ask Mr, Fauci to kindly go to Hell.

We examine the extraordinary loss of trust in almost everything, occurring at light speed all around, and wonder how much more before it all burns to the ground?

In Chicago 10 were killed and 39 wounded over the weekend… And that was LAST weekend, BEFORE the riots.

In a deadly case of judicial  of “tolerance”, 80 year old Rosalie Cook was murdered, stabbed in the chest by a man with 67 previous arrests so he could rifle through her purse and steal her car.

At the Liberty Tree Tavern in Elgin Texas if you’re too scared to take off your mask they won’t let you drink there, and at Steve Smith’s bar in Nashville if you try to loot, his team will do the right thing, and shoot to kill.

Celebrities we’ve never heard of are donating money to bail out looters and rioters, the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey is asking that riots and looting can be done safely only when observing social distancing and wearing masks, (and apparently you only have to stay at home if you plan to burn down just your own house).

And while the world burns down, it has also collectively thrown Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin under the bus. But we’d like to wait and see all of the evidence.

All that plus the joy’s of an aging irrigation system Cal Thomas’ book, “America’s Expiration Date“, and a thought exercise that may help you avoid lurching from one delusion to the next.