The Who

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they examine the who, and the why by which the current crisis shall not end.

The UnSecretary’s UnPolicy brief envisions a global communist revolution born of the Panic of 2020, and at this rate he’s going to get it. But at least over at Trader Joe’s they found the last few drops of testosterone remaining in the Western World and told the cancel culture to shove it!

We check the status of domestic tranquility across the land and bring you two lesbians beating innocent 4 year old Stetson Blackburn to death, 2 year old Antonio Hicks Jr. beaten to death by Antonio Hicks Sr. over tensions surrounding potty training, and Anti-Abortion students arrested for writing “Black Pre-born Lives Matter” on the street… with chalk.

Isis is calling for arson attacks in America. Sweden has dealt with their epidemic of Coronavirus. Almost half the poor in Mumbai have already had, (and survived) the Coronavirus, and gives us 6 reasons why wearing masks in public is anything but harmless.

In Portland Marxist rioters, often referred to by “journalists”, (often referred to by us as “urinalists”), as “demonstrators” or “protesters” are burning Bibles and American flags in the street. Leftist Seattle radio host Paul Gallant has gone from “Chill Dawg”, to I need to buy a firearm after rioters targeted his building with an attempted arson.

The Fauching continues as Anthony “Faulty” Fauci is now suggesting goggles right now, and face masks from now until (apparently) the end of time, including the upcoming flu season.

All this as the mayor of Washington DC, Muriel Bowser exempts democrats attending John Lewis’s funeral, (and other magically virus proof “essential travelers”) from her ludicrous quarantine order, and Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti broke into their own business in an attempt to go back to work, despite the tryrannical order not to work from New Jersey governor Phil “somebody murph this guy” Murphy.

We check in on the state of justice in the land, featuring 48 time convict Larone DeShawn Charles, who has finally murdered someone. While in federal court judge Rogiree Thompson has thrown out the death penalty for the Boston Marathon bomber!

It turns out that Ellen Degeneres’ producer Kevin Leman is sicko pervert, Netflix wants to corrupt your mind with tranny propaganda, and Chicago mayor (and elderly pug look alike) Lori Lightfoot is presiding over more wanton killing and mayhem than any mayor before her, (even amongst the police she has undermined).

All this and a duckling report, who and why with the masks and all, the voice of Anthony Fauci with advice on what to do if you can’t find those goggles, and air travel in the age of the Coronavirus hysteria.



Deception Delusion

Listen in as America’s most popular audio engineer and her host try to snap everyone out of all this.

Hear how the homosexualists continue coming for our kids, this time with a homo character from Pixar, while Europe is preparing with all moral vacuity to be dominated by China.

A COVID-19 Vaccine trial may not return results for a lack of active infections to fight, all the colds we’ve caught may have given many of us some immunity to this new cold virus, and the fact that the COVID-19 body count is being inflated, (in some cases grossly inflated) is now established by public health officials. The bug just ain’t as bad as we thought! (And for some reason none of this is “good news”).

The fall could see an appreciable increase in home-schooling, but Anthony “faulty” Fauci continues to act as if we are dealing with a bug that’s as catchy as the measles and as deadly as Ebola! He condescends to allow for some church, but only if you join the cult of the six feet-mask, and NO communion, and certainly NO singing! We ask Mr, Fauci to kindly go to Hell.

We examine the extraordinary loss of trust in almost everything, occurring at light speed all around, and wonder how much more before it all burns to the ground?

In Chicago 10 were killed and 39 wounded over the weekend… And that was LAST weekend, BEFORE the riots.

In a deadly case of judicial  of “tolerance”, 80 year old Rosalie Cook was murdered, stabbed in the chest by a man with 67 previous arrests so he could rifle through her purse and steal her car.

At the Liberty Tree Tavern in Elgin Texas if you’re too scared to take off your mask they won’t let you drink there, and at Steve Smith’s bar in Nashville if you try to loot, his team will do the right thing, and shoot to kill.

Celebrities we’ve never heard of are donating money to bail out looters and rioters, the mayor of Minneapolis Jacob Frey is asking that riots and looting can be done safely only when observing social distancing and wearing masks, (and apparently you only have to stay at home if you plan to burn down just your own house).

And while the world burns down, it has also collectively thrown Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin under the bus. But we’d like to wait and see all of the evidence.

All that plus the joy’s of an aging irrigation system Cal Thomas’ book, “America’s Expiration Date“, and a thought exercise that may help you avoid lurching from one delusion to the next.