The Proctocratic Domino Theory

A listen to your host and his extremely attractive audio engineer reveals a shocking expose’ of The Proctocrats and their diabolical schemes to kill themselves and as many of us as they can!

We begin with disgusting crotch humorist Adam Corolla posing as a spokesman for the type of “conservative” who likes to make dirty jokes, and move on to Earnest Josher Jay Carney’s replacement, Josh Earnest, and continue on to discover former Defense Secretary Robert Gates inviting queers into the tents of his boy scouts!

Then there’s the National Parks Service plan to memorialize the third stall from the door at the StoneWall gay bar as a  National Historic Landmark, sex change operations for the Medicare crowd and Houston Mayor Annise Parker opening the girls restrooms to the boys, and vice versa…. if there even is such a thing, depending on your gender identity, or gender expression, or gender dysphoria; (if we’ve left anyone out, or offended anyone we’re sooooooooooooooooooooo sorry).

And a new low water mark in RE-publicanism is set by Senator Orrin Hatch, who disagrees with homosexual marriage, but praises the “excellent” judges who are imposing it upon the hapless victims of The Protocracy at a breathtaking pace.

A Swat team threw a grenade into a baby’s playpen on behalf of The Protocrats who profit from their criminal drug industry. It’s a massive industry, in which The Proctocrats collect hefty paychecks while the police are demonized for doing their dirty work…

Listen as we analyze a well reasoned argument as to when human life begins, and why the question is a difficult one for liberals to answer.

Hear how the latest “cosmic inflation” discovery is just so much “schmutz”, (Especially when compared to Bob Enyar’ts scholarly work regarding the Global Flood & Walt Brown’s Hydroplate Theory).

The UCSB mass murder recalls a similar mass slaughter 13 years before while the latest UCSB killer grew up in the shadow of his parents “no-fault” divorce, (for which the shamelessly selfish among us are now throwing “divorce parties“).

And Barry HO’s penultimate display of the weakness he’s instilled upon the American presidency, exchanges five of the Taliban’s top generals out of Gitmo for the freedom of American Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. We’re happy for Bowe and his mom, but Barry’s (& Bush’s) loss of the Afghan War now seems poised to bite back one day… when we least expect it.

It’s all here if you can take it. Just download the podcast and listen in!