America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to bump you in and out of his unusual fears & beliefs…

Tune in to hear how DNA cannot survive for 68 million years, but has been found in the soft tissue of a T. Rex fossil, and how it may lead to the cloning of a dinosaur! (But has so far been unable to shake the old-earthers from their delusion).

We’ll discuss Barry’s surrender to Cuba alongside Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, (and how an American other than him was stabbed and killed.

Find out why a teen aged product of the government schools shot up his family, and how hippies in Sweden were deprived of their farcical “Earth Hour” by real bands of roving of Moslem rapists!

Here how Japan is reconsidering the 21st century version of Harri-Kari, how global dept is three times what you thought it was, (but only if you factor in the ACTUAL debt obligations), how girls just want to have fun, (and not in combat thank you very much), and how the idiot politicians manipulating the hapless millennials into demanding a higher minimum wage might just get them all replaced by robots!

South Park is a threat to global civilization, Bowe Bergdahl is mentally ill, (but still knew what it meant to desert), the NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade was officially infected with homos this year, the Obamacare kid is a tranny, the CIA is recruiting lesbian spies, and the RE-publicans may bolt the RE-publican party!

As strange as it all seems it’s all right here at the podcast below…


Judicial (and Other) Supremacy

Listen in as America’s fastest streaming conservative talk show host and his extremely attractive audio engineer get right down to what exactly is Supreme!

The Italians certainly are not and had fewer babies last year than… EVER!

And the slashings continue on the subways in the gulag of New York.

Antonin Scalia, the most conservative Supreme Court justice of the past 30 years turns out to have have been a mere moral relativist who’s likely pretty nervous about explaining himself the the Living God in the hereafter….

Glenn Beck stopped on his way to an inevitable nervous breakdown to fast for Ted Cruz after crediting God with the aforementioned death of Antonin Scalia…

From the war file: The Barry & Kerry nuclear deal with Iran has sparked the inevitable nuclear arms race in the Middle East, While Barry dithers on whether to strike the ISIS maniacs who have filled the vacuum he and Hillary Clinton created in Libya. and the Islamists they armed are now fighting one another in Syria!

Thinking people are beginning to ask if America paid a ransom (and got taken) for deserter Bowe Bergdahl.

In Personhood News: a woman with Zika Virus in Mexico did not abort and had a healthy baby boy.

And a volunteer at a government elementary school has been charged with molesting and filming kids there.

And even though Barry HO met with prominent “Black Lives Matter” protesters over the weekend, they remain a pack of idiot, suicidal children who hate their parents,

Nike dropped Manny Pacquiao because he’s normal, gay men are more misogynist that most because they hate their moms and dads, and while Apple refuses to give in top Uncle Sam and crack the San Bernardinao Islamists i-Phone, they are all to willing to capitulate to the Chinese, (because there’s simply so much money involved).

And while the shock of yet another massacre grips Kalamazoo, we also see some hope, at in that we might all finally get our flying cars, and that two of sports biggest jerks, John Elway and Peyton Manning got everything they wanted, and ended up miserable about it!

It’s all in the Podcast, so give a listen and enjoy,


If You Want Blood…

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they bump through an hour examining the events of week that saved the world by destroying it!

Get a load of the latest trend among America’s up and coming products of the government schools… it’s called “scarification” and it’s apparently just another activity filling the time of the youth in between exchanging pornographic images of one another.

Then there’s the latest evidence that Berry Ho broke the law when he exchanged deserter Bowe Bergdahl for those five Taliban generals, (and the obligatory RE-publican crickets).

There’s ISIS Oil flowing somewhere that “smells badly“, a Texas Imam calling for reform is forced to resign and in fear for his life, a plea from hapless Germany to Saudi Arabia to please stop spreading the Wahabist, Salafist doctrine that rules their kingdom, and a former resident of Guantanamo Bay leading Islamists in battle against us in Arabia, (perhaps with weapons stolen from us, or sold to Islamist be us).

The Vatican now says everyone can go to Heaven. Your kids are becoming socialists in the government school lunch room, Teachers are raping students at an alarming pace, but a memorial bench with some scriptures and a cross is VERBOTEN!

And of course The Nativity has been surrendered by eviscerated evangelicals to a federal judge, because Christians who sacrifice their children on the alter of free government education know their place, and know when they must bow to their masters will.

But all that aside, we want to thank the collective leadership of the socialist western democracies for at least saving the world from global warming!

It’s all right here in the podcast for your consideration…