Broad Daylight

Tune in to America’s most attractive audio engineer for an unflinching look at the news of the week, the opportunities at hand, and the way back from here.

ANTIFA terrorists are making deals with the government. Gen Z has the same old anxieties we all did, just with more psychobabble and less God. And the same medical establishment that collapsed the treatment of respiratory infections back to the dark ages want to make the perverse seem normal by changing the language, (and soon the mechanics) of pregnancy.

We’ll discuss post abortive commentary and voting patterns, The Canadian government sponsored attempted homicide of  “unvaccinated” Sheila Lewis, and the Chinese communist’s insatiable appetite for lock-down hysteria.

Hear how homeschooling continues to boom, civility in airline travel has been replaced by a false sense of security, and how decent, productive people are being forced to grovel before the high priests of the climate cult.

These days elections appear to be decided by those not paying attention at all, and those paying too much attention to cheatingstealing. In Britain the ones who we thought were the heroes are selling out to the Chinese communists for a bowl gruel, and in Brazil, we call on the military to arrest the communist felon who finally proved democracy is no longer a viable way to select who governs.

All that plus a prison sentence, (and fine) for posting Genesis 1:27, McConnell and McCarthy rubbing our noses in it and masking up for show, (or something)…







Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine the disputes and definitions coloring the events of the week.

Beginning with those most responsible: the psycho-babbler and enabler James Dobson, the willingly ignorant dissembler Greg Abbott, and the professors and doctors responsible for the greatest crime in human history, (not to mention the loss of science and medicine to the madmen).

Hear the best theory yet on how everyone including Donald Trump was fooled by Deborah Birx and her cabal of the guilty to cover up their crimes by destroying the evidence, (the evidence in this case being the world).

And as The Greens and their democratic allies in Germany and the west stand ready to sacrifice any vestiges of Western Civilization that remain on the alter of “democracy” in Ukraine, it’s almost as if the Chinese Communist Party has achieved primacy right under our noses.

Canada is offering actual suicide to citizens suffering through the civilizational equivalent thereof. In Texas a bar can invite children to a strip show and the cops don’t show up. But in Serbia there are enough normal people left to cancel parading perverts and creeps.

In Chicago the police continue to flinch. In Portland ANTIFA bails out criminals who actually kill people. and in Florida the Marjorie Stoneman-Douglas killer has reason to believe he’ll be released one day.

And whether it’s mass murder in Bend, Oregon, or attempted mass murder in Norfolk, Virginia, the urinalists and their masses appear more interested in critiquing a blood red Nuremburg Rally at Independence Hall.

All that plus the red pill and the blue pill, and the 50th anniversary of Munich, and a few goats reminding us that all is not lost.




False Positive

Listen in as America’s most popular audio engineer and her host recount how the confluence of celebrity, mass delusion, and mass psychosis have led almost all of us, to all this.

Visit the Mayo Clinic where COVID delusion means there are now 700 fewer people to make you well, Taiwan, where Apple is replacing Foxconn with Chinese slave labor, and anywhere USA to meet all the vaccinated people testing positive for the cold, (or what was once SARS CoV-2, or the Novel Coronavirus, or COVID 19, or delta, or Omicron).

Emmanuel Macron wants to get himself beat up, the CEO of OneAmerica Insurance, Scott Davidson and at least two other witnesses are witnessing an awful lot of dead people, and the suicide epidemic continues this week amongst the cops who had been busy saving others from suicide.

New York DA Alvin Bragg is busy doing the unjust bidding of his father Satan, (George Soros), while J.D. Vance patronizes the masses about how great they are, and how their lack of safety and security is someone else’s fault, and mothers and fathers are wickedly screening their offspring for the very right to live.

David Lee Roth has cut short his farewell tour for fear of embarrassment, Betty White was late for her 100th birthday, and Sinead O’Connor’s want’s to hold anyone else responsible for her 17 year old son’s suicide.

And in China the COVID tyranny is killing children in the most awful ways.

Find out the real reason Alec Baldwin won’t give his phone to the cops, how shacking up is cool with evangelicals if you’re Donald Trump Jr. & Kimberly Guilfoyle, what kind of fool got a vaccine for a disease he already caught, who on the Supreme Court gets her Coronavirus news exclusively from the Today Show, who’s the Ivy League Female Athlete of the Year, and why the pro-lifers are losing to ANTIFA.