The Long Arc

This week America’s post attractive audio engineer and her host ride the long arc of human history toward the rest of eternity…

Find out what the government schools and Barack Obama taught a generation about Thanksgiving, Which Leftist Hate Group Chick-Fil-A is donating to, and how to get sprung with no bail in New York for crimes like Manslaughter!

Join us in Iraq, where no one cares about impeachment, but protesters did burn down the Iranian Consulate!

We’ll check out the restaurant reviews in the Washington Post, and catch an adulterer to boot!

Hear the sad update of the death of the only surviving child of that San Diego  Family Detonation.

We’ve got the Supreme Court considering arguments for letting bums live in the streets, Adults telling children that Evolution is a known fact, The Journal Nature telling us all we’re going to die for our sins of emission. But then there are the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir in 1950 to lift our spirits.

Suffer with us another sexual deviant teacher inviting drag queens to class, and telling the rest of us to just shut up about it!

We survey a generation that is more scared and anxious than the scared, anxious generation who raised them, too few babies being born, and Deval Patrick’s rape problem

Planned Parenthood is writing sex curricula for the government schools, We’re apparently training Saudi terrorists in America again, it turns out some kids might be better off being sold on CraigsList, and Bill Cosby is headed straight to Hell with jet rockets.

All this and more at the podcast below.



One Generation

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host cover the struggle of this generation to keep civilization from falling into the hands of madmen…

Find out why Philando Castile got shot, (and it wasn’t for a broken tail light), why the child in the womb offers us undeniable truth, and why the cancer that is the North Korean Regime must be dealt with sooner or later, (and sooner as far as we’re concerned when you hear the story of Otto Warmbier).

Tune in to hear the latest on the targeted immunotherapies that are helping us decode and unlock the power of the human immune system that was broken along with the rest of the cosmos at The Fall.

You’ll hear the latest from the war front And the latest is like before… the Moslem’s we are trying to save are Hell bent on destroying themselves and us.

But in Germany old lesbians dream of sharing prayer rugs with their liberal Moslem neighbors. While in Canada legislators dream of a gender fluid language, and Christian educators dream of a time when the Bible was considered “tolerable”.

We reveal reason 1081 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools when a drag queen, (and president of the PTA) performs for the hapless parents and abused children of PS 96 in Manhattan!

We’ll delve into the dark world of YouTube pop stars like Austin Jones and the children they seduce, the state of Illinois and their inability to appropriate funds for road construction, (which is actually appropriate), and just for fun, another Waffle House melee!

And finally there is the theological relevance of heavy metal as compared to the dreck served up on any given Sunday in America’s evangelical showplaces…

All this, the bird whisperer, Father’s Day, and the decline and fall of Bill Cosby.