The Long Arc

This week America’s post attractive audio engineer and her host ride the long arc of human history toward the rest of eternity…

Find out what the government schools and Barack Obama taught a generation about Thanksgiving, Which Leftist Hate Group Chick-Fil-A is donating to, and how to get sprung with no bail in New York for crimes like Manslaughter!

Join us in Iraq, where no one cares about impeachment, but protesters did burn down the Iranian Consulate!

We’ll check out the restaurant reviews in the Washington Post, and catch an adulterer to boot!

Hear the sad update of the death of the only surviving child of that San Diego  Family Detonation.

We’ve got the Supreme Court considering arguments for letting bums live in the streets, Adults telling children that Evolution is a known fact, The Journal Nature telling us all we’re going to die for our sins of emission. But then there are the Marines at the Chosin Reservoir in 1950 to lift our spirits.

Suffer with us another sexual deviant teacher inviting drag queens to class, and telling the rest of us to just shut up about it!

We survey a generation that is more scared and anxious than the scared, anxious generation who raised them, too few babies being born, and Deval Patrick’s rape problem

Planned Parenthood is writing sex curricula for the government schools, We’re apparently training Saudi terrorists in America again, it turns out some kids might be better off being sold on CraigsList, and Bill Cosby is headed straight to Hell with jet rockets.

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The Punishment They Deserve

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host document the existential collapse of Western Civilization occurring all around the Impeachment Inquiry.

Hear from the women of Brown University as they present symptoms of the abusive manner in which their  raised them (to hate justice). And hear from another terrified, abused & whining millennial, this one an “anti-natalist” from India.

Discover how a “urinalist” canconflate the fates of an innocent child and a convicted murderer, how a family detonation with 4 murdered and 5 dead barely makes the news in San Diego, and how Chesa Boudin, the new criminally insane D.A. in San Francisco might have plans to legally urinate in public, while criminalizing law enforcement.

And then there’s the Denver Colorado businessman being fined by the criminally insane officials of the city for not cleaning up the feces vagrants keep depositing on his property.

David (Daleiden) was wounded by Goliath (Planned Parenthood) in a civil trial overseen by a pro-abort judge, and decided by a Jury blinded to the facts by the judge!

The communist Pope conflates homos and Jews in an attempt to cobble together the worst Hitler comparison we’ve ever heard…

Chick-Fil-A took the Mark of the Beast this week so they could sell more chicken, and the loud mouthed homosexuals who made them do it HATE them for it.

And while you might have been distracted by the “bombshell witnesses” and testimony over at the impeachment inquiry circus, Iran is teetering on the brink something that could change everything, And Mexico is on the verge of being entirely ruled by criminals and vigilantes.

All this and Ruth Bader Ginsberg leaves the hospital, again! Our frank opinion of the man named Musk & the cars called Tesla, The Denver Broncos’ Christian Underground? And a request to see the memo where America expunged Thanksgiving from the national conversation.

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Summer of Blood

What would America’s most attractive audio engineer do if her host ever returned? Listen in to discover exactly that and more! Lots more, (more than you bargained for).

Leave aside our hopes for self driving cars and self farming tractors for the moment as we elucidate the bald faced lies interspersed amongst the facts of the Mars Curiosity Rover’s discovery of organic materials, an American Attorney General quoting the Bible, and Donald Trump’s taking of the Mark alongside Justin Trudeau, Christine Legarde & Angela Merkel!

And welcome to the brave new world, where liberals apologize for the “sin” of eating Chick-Fil-A, the communist Chinese discover they were lied to about their population by those same American liberals, and legal abortion in Ireland was made even more legal with the encouragement of their homosexual prime minister.

It’s a world that has not hated blood, (nor even petty crime) and is therefore pursued by blood at every turn, with every affair, with every accusation of adultery, with every act of adultery with every assertion that girls can do anything boys can do, with every petty burglary by teenaged boys, with every shoplifting incident, and every fit of road rage.

It’a world beset by family detonations and mom’s suicide. By trannies out on ledges and molesters in the scouts!

And it’s a world where we see that if you refuse to bow like your leaders do, whether at the “pride” parade where the deviants demand you at least celebrate, if not participate in their perversion, you’ll lose your license. maybe your job, and maybe someday your life!

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