The Deep Dark State

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her raving lunatic host as they cripple the onslaught of fear from their warm perch atop a bright and sunny winter.

Learn of microbes lamented by the left for their ability to adapt and break down plastic!

Billie Eilish confessed that pornography is one of the reasons she’s such a mess, Jared Polis is the most dangerous leftist in America, and a medical doctor has confirmed pour observation that the medical profession has imploded.

98% of America’s military has submitted to the diabolically stupid vaccine experiment, they’re arresting the unvaxxed in New York, and the gangsters released the Christian missionaries in Haiti, (and the State Department has no idea why).

Ukraine has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s defiled capital, the EU is formulating a rebellion of language against God Himself, and China’s humanized pigs have nothing on America’s humanized mice!

Heaven help us now that mail order child killing has been endorsed by America, the innocent victims of the Kentucky Tornadoes are being looted by the children who survived the abortion holocaust, and here at the Worldview we remember Waukesha…

All that and the definition of a Mass Delusion Event, an ode to Paul Harvey, and the winter cold that’s going around.







Emergency Use Authorization

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer for an analysis of the events of the week authorized for your use during this emergency.

Get up to date on why we must kill some hackers, ignore Rachel Maddow, pay attention to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, and sort out the implications of the “vaccinated” and the “unvaccinated”.

We’ll visit Tennessee where RE-publicans want to elevate the treatment of the bodies of children they murder to the status of dogs, to Nashville where more cops were shot, to Texas where more cops were killed, to San Luis Obispo where more cops were killed, and to Stockton CA where more cops were killed.

And then it’s on to Holland where “rage, rage against the dying of the light” has turned to a headlong plunge into darkness in the space of one lifetime.

The Boy Scouts are teaching the boys they’ve sodomized to be Marxists, the Japanese are discovering that the Chinese are about to conquer them, and the Israelis are weak in the face of their enemies in the press, but still pretty good at killing the inept, and the stupid that are Hamas.

Billie Eilish is complaining about having sold her soul to the devil. (And her complaints warrant serious investigation).

The American Military is being purged of God fearing patriots.

The vulgar are not the salvation of America, the Canadians are fascists and Charles Spurgeon ultimately defeated Karl Marx, no matter what things look like on the ground on planet earth today.