Harmony of Hysteria

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for a tour of reality, punctuated by by madness, tragedy, and strange goings on in the dark of night.

The tragic spirit of Halloween was visited upon our neighbors in Korea, And the government who once pulled Korea from the darkness of the communist onslaught to the pinnacle of earthly success is no longer the bastion of freedom, but the bastion of gender fluidity!

The “peoples” FBI was asked about Hunter Biden’s ties to a Chinese communist honeypot, but they remain loyal to their masters in Beijing…

Paul Pelosi has had another interesting night, the Democrat Party has come down against diplomacy, and for sexual insanity regarding the war in Ukraine. And with two criminal governments at war, (one in Ukraine, and one in Russia) each accusing the other of preparing terrorism on a nuclear scale; the world discovers it can’t rely on the pile of deviants and perverts atop America to tell who the bad guys are.

A tranny bought the Miss Universe striptease show, while in Indiana parents who wouldn’t go along with the sexual indoctrination and abuse of their child, had their child taken away… for abuse!

Greg Phillips and Catherine Engelbrecht of “True the Vote”, (who revealed the mechanism by which the forces of darkness stole the 2020 presidential election in the movie “2000 Mules”) might be in prison by the time you read this.

The Waukesha parade killer made a mockery of the justice system one more time before the justice system makes a mockery of his sentencing. There was a murder/crime spree in Arizona that ended in a murder suicide that would have shocked the nation if we weren’t so overwhelmed with such things as to barely notice.

Families of patients killed with Remdesivir and dark ages treatment protocols during the Coronavirus epidemic have filed suit to hold someone accountable. And while you were at Home Depot during the lock-downs Marxists were keeping track of you and scoring your compliance.

And as autumn settles in and the scary specter of winter looms, (and actually scary for Germans as fear of freezing to death outpaces the fear of new variants), the American media’s hysteria machine is cranking out the keywords to get us all scared but good!

All that plus the difference between an old fashioned gangster and a criminally insane sex pervert at the link below.






The Big Take-Back

Listen in to  America’s most attractive audio engineer and the host with whom she kept her 3 kids, and never gave the creeps and bastards a chance to take ’em!

Join us in thanking Kirk Cameron & promoting his Homeschool Awakening movie and cultural event!  Buy tickets and find out why we home-schooled ours, and how you can home-school yours!

Follow us through Tiananmen Square 33 years on, to communists bribing RE-publican governor Kristi Noem’s children with government cheese, to a church parking lot in Iowa where mass murder is just a part of the scenery.

We’ll visit San Francisco and step over the human feces to bring you a preview of the Recall Effort against Chesa Boudin. And over to Waukesha where the surviving victims of the Christmas Parade Massacre are being traumatized all over again by the Just-a-System. And finally through Ohio and Texas, where two murderers, (one convicted and one indicted) were allowed to live free enough and long enough to kill again.

The American Secretary of State is Blinkin’, Tony Blinken that is; and he’s bending over whichever way the perverts running him ask. The United States Marine Corps is one degree closer to Sodom, (but still with a little fight left in them). And Americans who thought they had “no problem with gay rights” are finding out that unless they submit, it is a problem.

The Ukrainian military in on the verge of queering right into the E.U. The man who shot the president will be touring freely this summer, and America might just end up in a war because no one ever wants us to know who really killed Seth Rich!

All that plus Sheryl Sandberg’s abortion, lying to the FBI, (and getting away with it), how to Make America Great Again, and a dog story just to make sure you tune in.



The Deep Dark State

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her raving lunatic host as they cripple the onslaught of fear from their warm perch atop a bright and sunny winter.

Learn of microbes lamented by the left for their ability to adapt and break down plastic!

Billie Eilish confessed that pornography is one of the reasons she’s such a mess, Jared Polis is the most dangerous leftist in America, and a medical doctor has confirmed pour observation that the medical profession has imploded.

98% of America’s military has submitted to the diabolically stupid vaccine experiment, they’re arresting the unvaxxed in New York, and the gangsters released the Christian missionaries in Haiti, (and the State Department has no idea why).

Ukraine has recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s defiled capital, the EU is formulating a rebellion of language against God Himself, and China’s humanized pigs have nothing on America’s humanized mice!

Heaven help us now that mail order child killing has been endorsed by America, the innocent victims of the Kentucky Tornadoes are being looted by the children who survived the abortion holocaust, and here at the Worldview we remember Waukesha…

All that and the definition of a Mass Delusion Event, an ode to Paul Harvey, and the winter cold that’s going around.