Of Pain & Power and Hate & Joy

America’s most attractive audio engineer invites you to join her and her host as they pull back the curtain on what’s really ailing us, and where to find the cure…

Hear why love wins over opium, how spanking works, and why the state of domestic tranquility is making some of us pessimistic.

We’ve got government agencies applying misguided euphemisms to old fashioned criminals, while the new fangled criminals are in the government schools hell bent on molesting your child, (psychologically at best, physically at worst).

The homosexualists have been declared more politically powerful than the NRA, washed up grunge rockers are lashing out their post abortive dementia, and the enemies of the Living God are obsessed with making normal people acknowledge their wickedness as good, (especially on cakes).

Tranny advocates hate Curt Schilling, despite his large circle of tranny friends, parents in the U.K. are appalled by the near obsessive talk about sex, sex, sex, all the time by both teachers and administrators, and Larry Flynt lives, proving that our God is indeed merciful!

And while Bruce Jenner might not be quite crazy enough to make the “final cut” so to speak, the city fathers/mothers/others of San Francisco know just how to handle the enormous social implications of the whole urination issue.

Also find out why trolling Target bathrooms for liberals standing (or sitting) in solidarity with the mentally ill transgendered community could be preferable to boycotting…

And one last thing: would all you environmentally sensitive, transophile, gender fluid, tatted up, over pierced, millennial & hippie types stop spraying filth all over your neighbors as you “save the earth” with your disgusting paperless hand dryers!

All this and more at the podcast below…




Happiness Is…

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer survives the news of the day to provide brief glimpses into happiness, (and her hosts reveals how you can be truly happy as well)!

We’ll take you to Detroit, (figuratively… relax, we won’t really take you to Detroit) where the water company is shattering the new socialist “reality” by insisting people pay their bill, or lose their water service!

From there we go to the scientific equivalent of Never Never Land as evolutionary scientists try to convince us that iron chelators from the blood of dinosaurs somehow preserved their soft tissue for 65 million years, and on to Planned Parenthood’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy when it comes to reporting pedophile, child molesters, and finally Texas! Where it took the Proctocracy there over thirty years to execute a mass murderer!

We then visit the airport, where 95% of mad bombers would beat the hapless TSA gropers, Guantanimo Bay where the Barry HO administration is Hell bent on shutting it down and releasing all the terrorists back into the wild, and then on the the UN, where HAMAS has finally achieved observer NGO status!

RE-publican’s in Oregon want to sell your daughter “the pill” over the counter, (just like that vile, despicable pervert Cory Gardner in Washington DC).

People who want to cut off appendages are considered mentally ill in some cases, (and not in others).

A male version of Hooters has opened in Dallas with a kids menu, Greg Gutfeld is set to lower the moral I.Q. of America via his new show on Fox, the queers are in cahoots with the government against the normal people, and one of Denny Hastert’s victims has been identified, (but unfortunately only after he died of AIDS), leading the host to call for the Death Penalty in Denny’s case.

Hapless private school parents didn’t realize that their kids school, (named for the pagan deity Gaia, and located within a Unitarian church) was being run by a bunch of sex crazed perverts.

Bruce Jenner beat our Lauren Hill in the race for this years ESPN Arthur Ashe Courage Award, and your host is convinced his alleged self mutilation is more fueled by a desperate need for a reality TV show than any history of mental illness, (but yes, there’s that too…)

While many standards are devolving rapidly, (like what a triple crown winner can utter and still have a successful endorsement career), some standards have not yet changed, and they are keeping the girls out of Army Ranger School!

Yes, it’s all a bit insensitive, and you may be offended. But take a chance on the podcast below if you want conservative talk that also reveals the secret to true happiness!



Bastards and the Snake Pit

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host, Doug McBurney follow the humanist hate machine out of the high schools, into the streets, across various “genders” and against all that is right & good.

America’s most controversial purveyor of conservative talk notes that while Rosie O’Donnell is in a cat fight with her formerly “trailblazing & brave” (but now estranged) lesbian partner, America’s “mom of the year” Toya Graham caused us all to cheer! Only to realize upon further reflection, the sad desperation of a devolving nation meekly inspired by a vulgar failure of a mother.

Now that 20% of American households contain no one who works full time, and the hero of the 1976 Olympics, Bruce Jenner’s gone tranny, (with Rick Santorum approval); we begin to see the cumulative toll of these events, coupled with a godless government education, prescription drugs & divorce; and it has brought us a generation who hate their fathers while being taught they should be socialists, abortionists & homosexualists: (with riots in the streets and “space to destroy“)!

Meanwhile calling Barry Ho out on his anti-Christian actions could cost you your job!

We pause to remember the more than one million Armenian Christians slaughtered by the Islamists of a century ago, and to pray for those being led to slaughter across the Middle East and Africa today. The Armenian Genocide must not be repeated in 2015!

We follow the criminal parenting of a Massachusetts couple who, in our opinion should be arrested for attempting to turn their daughter into a mentally ill “boy”, a lesbian teacher on a crusade to corrupt the minds of her captive students in Ontario, Canada, and a $135,000.00 award, taken by a black robed highwayman of the Proctocracy from Aaron & Melissa Klein, a normal Christian couple who own Sweet Cakes Bakery to be given to a pair of dykes!

Then there’s the US Supreme Court, where John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy and at least three other lesbians are set to impose homosexual marriage upon those foolish enough to accept it. (And you know the normal people are in trouble, when even the grandmothers have gone lesbo!)

Great Britain continues to shed her greatness as a majority of what births there are among the non-Moslem population are projected to be illegitimate within a decade…

But don’t give up hope! The forces of Goodness & Light have introduced an effort to restore Personhood rights to the weakest and most vulnerable people in South Carolina: the unborn, who cannot speak or fight for themselves.

Will you speak and fight for the innocent who need you? We hope that just as we choose to fight, so will you. And perhaps we can save these bastards from the destruction they seem hell bent to bring upon themselves… and us!

Find out how at the audio Podcast link right now!