Criminal Supremacy

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! And she and her host dissect the news of the week, laying open cultural pathologies and prescribing cures.

We express our thanks and deepest appreciation for some of you veterans out there! Listen in as we compare and contrast the environments that brought World War One and Kristallnacht, to the zeitgeist of the modern day.

Find out how the failure of normal Christian people to mount an argument against legalizing criminal behavior led to ambivalence, led to decriminalization, led to legalization, led to tolerance. And how tolerance led to  affirmation, led to celebration, led to accusation, (by the formerly criminal against the formerly ambivalent), brought us to the increasingly violent demand by the criminals for supremacy.

You’ll hear how the legalization of adultery got soccer star Daniel Correa Freitas killed, and how the legalization of murder contributes to the family detonations in which men, women and children are slaughtered on a daily basis.

Visit Tucker Carlson’s house with us and hear how the criminals he often insists we must debate with civility and tolerance showed up with bats and bullhorns and made physical threats against his wife in the dark of night.

We survey the bloody landscape from Squirrel Hill to Thousand Oaks where the mass murder that has been hidden in the darkness of the womb was detonated upon a shocked, but somewhat numb population, and to Holland where the well regulated, clinically efficient murder of the innocent would make Himmler marvel.

Discover how more and more people seem to be catching on to the stupidity of democracy as we investigate RE-publican demands for more socialized medicine, a dead pimp elected to the State House in Nevada, an ambulance chasing prisoner voted to victory in Texas! And finally a San Francisco tax to combat homelessness supported and  administered by people who haven’t a clue what to combat!

We’ll offer a prayer for Asia Bibi and even have some fun with Durian fruit along the way…

All at the podcast below: