The Obscene, the Scared and the Optimistic

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host span the globe & beyond for the stories that really matter, (at least to them).

We’ll analyze claims from the Chinese that they have a “LASER rifle” that can set the enemies of the people on fire from half a mile away… really?

We’ll go underground with experts pitching ideas from escaping the increasingly severe flooding Global Climate Change will produce by, you guessed it… going underground! (And we might be able to figure out how to park cars down there too).

Then there are the Uber drivers who choose to strike rather than just move on with their lives, the bums in L.A. infecting the police tasked with humoring them, and a story about DNA from 17,000 years ago that just doesn’t pass the sniff (ie math) test.

We’ll go to Pennsylvania for reason number 1,197 to get or keep your children out of the government schools, (because even when they could say God Bless America, they didn’t really mean it).

Listen in for confirmation of your hosts admonition of the Anti-Semitic press, the dangers of dud LED lightbulb induced darkness in Detroit, and to Massachusetts, where the release of a so called “innocent man” convicted of rape in 1987 has led to the rape of another, (yet the lawyers who freed him tell us that’s OK).

Asia Bibi has escaped the death sentence in Pakistan for a life of fear of death at the hand of Moslems in Canada.

Donald Trump called unrepentant adulterer Tiger Woods a “symbol of America” as he pinned a medal on him, (and we agree).

The Pornography and resultant rampant sexual immorality that some want to give lip service as a public health crisis is actually fatal and spreading.

And we’ll check in with thoughts about a defiant punk in Florida with a dirty bumper-sticker on his car and the cop who arrested, (and we wish would have night sticked) him.

All that and mass shootings, mad mullahs, heroism, shame, terror and bias in the mainstream media… really!



A Paradigm of Charity

America’s most attractive audio engineer brings you reports of the paradigm shifts the adversary seeks, and those that a remnant fight to preserve.

Go on patrol against dangerous plastic straws in D.C., on to CBN for an interview with Sarah Sanders by other superstitious evangelicals, and over to the debate about “late term abortion” with President Trump.

We’ll take a detour to Hollywood to check in on Director Bryan Singer, one of the many child molesters there. And then it’s off to South Bend Indiana where the mayor is a queer and everybody’s so OK with that, that, that now he wants to be president.

We’ll trip the norther border to check in on how governing officials running their socialist health care system induce gender dysphoria among the children they want to molest.

And then across the pond for some good news on GMO chickens fighting cancer!

Marvel with us as sitting governor Ralph Northam advocates killing children on the delivery table, but is only asked to resign after appearing in black-face!

And then we check in on Biotech researchers targeting cancer with peptides present in the human immune system and claiming to have a cure.

Join us as we evaluate just how many ANTIFA punks it takes to intimidate a couple of Marines and why they should be caned for it!

We’ll visit with a Yellow Jacket protester in France who should have listened when his mom warned him that he could put an eye out with that.

We continue to pray for the safe expatriation of christian Asia Bibi, so she can join her daughters in Canada.

We cover the news pushed aside by the Trump Opera, and the Ruling Left’s diabolical lie that it’s only now that they started killing babies in the 3rd trimester: namely the Moslem bombing of two churches in the Philippines, and the slaughter of five women at a SunTrust bank in Florida.

All this and a solution for ending the struggle with homelessness, Judge Jeanine wearing glam metal wardrobes and why a homo who got roughed up at 2am might just make up stories about it. All at the podcast below:



Cherished Assumptions

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer along with her host on a romp through the news of the week both tragic and sublime.

You’ll hear about a cancer sniffing dog from the “Creation Science” file, alongside “facts” to consider while pondering alien life forms from the “Sciiiiiiiience!… really?” file.

We juxtapose the manufactured outrage of recycling “fraud” with a most vicious murder at the E.R. , a beating and a carjacking in the city of Brotherly Love, a girlfriend slain by her boyfriend, a mother beaten to death by her son, and a Good Samaritan repaid with murder in Baltimore.

Hear about the settlement Jeffrey Epstein made preventing public testimony from any more of the girls he abused.

And then there’s Dominique Sharpton’s settlement to compensate her for her permanent state: pain, suffering and misery.

And how temporarily licensing the rights to your life story to your own charity can appear fairly dignified when you’re Al Sharpton, and it’s compared to all the people you’ve gotten killed and all the lives you’ve destroyed.

We’ll analyze the evolution of a homo-lisp alongside the evolution an evil philosophy of utter wickedness, vile hatred and foul degradation in Apple CEO Tim Cook.

We’ll get our fair share of abuse from the UNClimate Chief for all that harmful living and breathing we’re all doing.

And we’ll check in on the Oscars to reveal how a comedian escaped of the worst gig in America by cracking a couple of jokes about queers!

All this and a few thoughts on being a tax collector, prayer for Asia Bibi, and why the French are burning down France… again; right at the podcast below: