Moral Status and Viability

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! Join her and her host on a tour of the events of the week from a decidedly viable world view that will invigorate your moral status!

We begin with America’s poster boy fro home schooling Tim Tebow and his exploits just loving on God’s children and hitting home runs!

Then it’s on to the poster boys for getting your kids OUT of the godless, homosexualist, socialist, schools, Jared Anderson, (teacher of the year until his arrest for molesting boys), the Minnesota Department of Education, (who “segregate” normal kids made uncomfortable by trannys), and Jose Moreno, who admits he had no idea about the alleged decade old homo “rape culture” amongst the upperclassmen on the football team)!

And then there is the mom who threw her baby in the trash, but the baby survived, even though she was “unviable”.

We have actor James Franco and Professor Liz Harmon plowing old ground about how murderers justify their murders by denying their victim’s Personhood, and how decent people find their justifications perplexing.

We’ll discuss the outrageous fact that “Son of Sam” killer David Berkowitz is still alive, comfortable, and mocking God, and superstitious morons lighting candles in Costa Mesa against evil spirits…

We’ll cover the Israeli Government’s moral capitulation to a certain Arab terrorist and what it means to the future of the conflict, the Egyptian’s more appropriate response to terrorists, and why America cannot prevent a catastrophe in Venezuela.

All this, along with OPEC, blood stripes and sparrows at the podcast below: