Willful Defiance

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as they survey the landscape documenting willful defiance against the evil & the good.

You’ll hear how America’s potential population lost at least 100 million people in the past 5 decades, (and how that might have something to do with the need to import immigrants), how murder continues to become a more and more acceptable means of problem solving, and all about joining homeschooling pastor Ramon Rigal in Cuba in “willful defiance” everything giving us reason to get or keep our kids out of the government schools!

We’ll examine the social status of the Moslems who bombed Christians on Easter in Sri Lanka, and reason number 1190 to get or keep your children out of the HIV positive, child molesting, hit man hiring, communistic, atheistic government schools.

We’ll examine the fruit of 60 years of legal pornography in America (and England), and we’ll show you how pornography leads to death, (in this case murder), and how the legal uncertainties surrounding the failing federal “crackdowns” against child pornographers must be replaced by simple solutions that work!

Join us in attempting to calm the guilt ridden nerves of the poor brain washed millennials who are convinced they are destroying the animals & the earth, and that only the aliens can save them!

We’ll also discuss the questionable assertion that drinking bleach can cure most diseases, (and how if it could the Chinese would have already stolen the recipe). And how Joseph P. Kennedy III insistence that having separate teams for boys and girls somehow denies anyone’s humanity proves that it only takes a generation or two for a family to lose what grip they had on reality.Boy Beats Girl

All that and the eerily indecipherable motive behind the Poway Synagogue Massacre and observations of a Shaman… pitching.





Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they collude to take advantage of the search term “collusion”, while discussing everything interesting this week except collusion.

We’ll tell you about the Resurrection Week arrest of a brave couple leading the movement to help parents get their kids out of the atheistic, communist government schools, (and not in California either… Ramon Rigal and his wife Ayda are in Cuba)! And now they’re in jail in Cuba. So pray, speak and act on their behalf.

We look back on the annual, week-long “secular religious service” among the media and the politicians surrounding the Columbine Massacre (this year with a homo in the state house & a 20th anniversary twist), and ask how it is that an event that should bring to mind shame, grief and repentance has somehow morphed into a macabre source of dark pride in Colorado.

We’ll talk about Silicon Valley’s atheist billionaires who think the’ve found the path to enlightenment without God, Mayor Pete Buttigeig finally addressing the whole Sodom and Gomorrah issue, and a homo DJ from Australia snatching a 2 year old boy in broad daylight in the feces encrusted streets of San Francisco.

We’ll discuss the solution to the opioid crisis in light of the latest federal prosecution of doctors turned drug dealers, and why sending those doctors to prison’s riddled with corruption and degradation has nothing to do with it.

Visit Dallas Texas with us where the Dallas County District Attorney John Creuzot should be arrested for advocating criminal behavior, and then to Barack Obama’s Chicago where the generation of bastard children he inspired are running wild in the streets.

In Los Angeles the enormity of the problem with derelicts and bums on the streets is even scaring the people running the rescue mission.

In Florida Middle School girls are plotting mass murder.

And in the White House influential, unattractive RE-publicans are promising to fight for reasonable rules to govern the killing of unloved people who cannot defend themselves.

All that and and Presidential Medal of Freedom from one unrepentant adulterer to another, congressmen molesting the maids in the capital, Hannity & Ingraham’s Collusion obsession, the Easter Massacre in Sri-Lanka & the fall of Notre Dame.