Can’t Buy Me Love

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host examine what passes for love now that we are all socialists…

With all eyes on Russia, Ukraine, China and Tik-Tok, we’re reminded of the mad mullah’s in Iran, theie evil desire for the bomb, and their evil desire to enslave their women, (and the world). We go to Orange County California for reason number 2,020 to get your kids out of the public schools, (and especially the all gender restrooms).

Republicans in Florida are pushing child killing out of the Operating Room and into the pharmacy. In Ohio J.D. Vance, (and other RE-publicans) are behaving like we are all socialists. And in North Dakota well-intentioned pharmacists who don’t want to hand out poison that kills people are being misled by lawyers on how to fight the abortion pill mandate.

The family of Madonna and her brother Anthony Ciccone are poster children for the godless, loveless, and very sad All American family. And so many of America’s other families are drugging their sons instead of training and disciplining them. And about half of America’s hate filled killers are getting away with it.

A Seattle madman has been released on bail after killing one, and wounded six in a shooting rampage. In small town America the strong are robbing and butchering the weak in broad daylight. And in Canada Christians are getting the police’s attention regarding “Drag Queen Story Hour”, but the police are arresting the Christians!

Speaking of Christians, a christian school in Vermont forfeited a girl’s basketball tournament to avoid playing a tranny, (and we made sure the proper message was delivered to the tranny and everybody else)! Pete Buttigieg’s protege Patrick Wojahn got busted with child pornography. Kindle is attempting to edit reality in real time.

All that, plus who was in the cockpit for the flyover at the Superbowl, and the relief of knowing the pilot of your plane has a deep voice, a normal wife, and a son!



Caligulon Babylonia

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host hang out signposts along the road back from Babylon.

We find out from congressional RE-publicans how much their scheme of well regulated child killing costs in dollars and cents, and why neither Vladimir, nor Volodymyr, nor Trump are the men, (or the  women) to salvage Christendom from the Baby Boomers.

We’ll get some advice on political theatrics (performed this side of the open border) from Michael Flynn, check in on the “summer skool staph” in charge of feeding your children, and lament how the push back against the sodomizing of the American mind has sadly fallen to proud hooligans.

Julian Assange is trying to act as though he wasn’t already going to kill himself, an engineer at Google formed a relationship with an A.I. app that creeped out even the creeps running Google, and Mayor Pete “Butt-I-Gag” Buttigieg, transssportation sssecretary, fell victim to his own incompetence over the weekend and responded with threats of petulant tyranny.

A Scotsman is refusing to donate blood until the useful idiots at the blood bank stop forcing him to answer questions about his pregnancy, Sam Houston want’s us to arrest the homo/pedophile “chemistry teacher” sneaking boys to the drag show, and when an unsuspecting democrat mayor is punched while out on the town, it begs the question: ok…. why exactly?

All that plus: Isaiah calls it! Once again. The Liberty Daily and the headline of the week. The Babylon Bee and the gag of the week. And Colorado Public Radio’s Bente Birkeland find herself up to her pronouns in yet another unborn nigger controversy.



Once in a Lifetime!

America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to a world one or two steps closer to insanity.

Find out why truffles will be better in the next life, hear about a real and present danger to trannies, and discover the tale of a twelve year-old girl who took Uber to her suicide.

Hear Donald Trump praise Pete Buttigieg and other homos. Speaking of homos, did the storm chasing homo “proposal” gross you out too? And speaking of gross, what’s with Gillette putting trannies in their ads?

We’ll check in with Lorne Michaels on the precise terms of his contract with Satan, and the #metoo (#himtoo) movement.

And then for some SCIENCE! (Really)? as ETs are set to replace God with the stupid, dumb idiot set, and yet another missing link has allegedly been found!

Find out why the birth of a submarine volcano could simply never be observed on a 4,543,000,000 year old planet, (but it is being observed right now on earth)!

Hear the story of where all the water on the earth came from if you are a completely irrational imbecile.

Fifty dead in Chicago… Just another weekend you ask? No. these are fifty prostitutes who’s deaths may be linked, (by something other than prostitution).

Speaking of prostitution, the same San Fran pol who was passed around by a number of the political men of her generation in the Bay Area Kamala “Camel Hairs” Harris wants to actually legalize the means by which she built her political career, namely: prostitution!

75% of college students support murdering an innocent person to solve a problem in all or most cases. The other 25% only sometimes. No word yet as to where on the “pro-choice” spectrum the mass murderer in Virginia Beach fell. And the mass killer in Darwin Australia appears to have been in favor of killing about four, but may qualify as “Pro-Life” since he was apparently at the very least ambivalent about killing over seven and a half billion other people.

And finally while the nascent government of Iraq knows that Islamic State fighters and their supporters must be killed, the Fifth Republic piled atop France apparently believes in inflicting the death penalty they deserve upon others.

All that and stupidity vs robotics behind the wheel and other pithy comments of interest and amusement at the podcast below.