Just an Industry

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she provides musical salve to the wounds inflicted on the body politic by the industrial churn maiming all that is good and right.

Join us in Chicago where between pitched street battles for gangland supremecy, politician Willie Wilson shows us what American democracy really looks like by handing out wads of cash at post christian churches, (no need for any pesky foreign meddling).

Fly to Mars with the atheists trying to find a puddle in which to hide from God.

Visit Parkland Florida where the survivors are killed and eaten.

And then on to South Texas where the band directors deal in child pornography, and the “Just-a-System” just churns them right on through

Visit Anytown USA where the pension crisis is now upon us and might just “trim” everybody’s bank account, despite the promises of the known liars who sold it in the first place.

Discover why the animated show “Rick and Morty” is the next signpost on the road to the Apocalypse, (and how it’s creators’ minds are even more twisted and warped that the show’s content would make you think).

The Dallas Mavericks say they will accede to the #me too movement by covering up a bit of their cheerleader’s flesh next season.

We’ll revisit the “Mother of All Battles”, Iranian style, (“Mother of All Wars“), and hear why the homos in Israel are whining about Benjamin Netanyahu not allowing them to adopt and molest children, (even after he promised).

We will discuss the Islamic Terror attack in Toronto that seems to have escaped the attention of just about everyone…

You’ll learn how sexual immorality led to the Traders Joe’s standoff, and why Wisconsinites might have trade in their Cheese Heads for paper sacks as they pony up to pay for government funded sex change operations!

All this and the search for a bloodless, painless, trauma free means of killing livestock.



Secrets from the Rooftops

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host in exposing the lawlessness bubbling up from the dark secret places to the highest offices in the land.

Hear how America’s Secretary of State might just have gotten a man killed, and how the President of the United States paid a ransom in the dead of night financing the the terrorism of the Islamic State of Iran to the tune of $400M, cash!

Hear how the Prime Minister of Israel, who sanctions and facilitates the murder of both Jewish and Arab children in the womb, is shocked at the lack of respect for the lives of children displayed when an Arab man pushes his 4 year old son into the muzzles of Israeli machine guns.

Find out why the so called right to “privacy” of parents who murder their children has resulted in the number one cause of death in America being kept a deep, dark secret.

The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing another opinion: this time on Transgendered bathroom use, and we wonder aloud if the lemmings will go along, just like with Roe & Obergefell…

And having grown up saturated in pornography and moral relativism, the millennials are not looking for love, (they don’t even want sex).

And finally; while the gritty Texans of the Permian Basin have fought OPEC to a standstill in the oil price war, a young NFL star named Benjamin Watson is speaking truth to the powers hell bent on the extinction of his people though child killing.

All that at the podcast below, along with a bit of humor from Alaska, and the view from West Valley, New York to the surface of the moon…



Common Knowledge

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back! With her host in tow. Revealing that what we all thought was common knowledge may no longer be so common after all…

And hear her host regale the audience with tales of fear & trembling on the roof, conversations with atheists, Jews, and dad’s who’s sons are marrying men, navigating vulgar tattooed weirdos at McDonalds & elsewhere, and which of these is driving the desire of normal people to withdraw completely from the freak show that is modern American society.

We begin with a possible preview of Judgment Day, and a blogger who warns that if you watch internet pornography you can expect all of your secrets to be revealed…

Benjamin Netanyahu is under attack for citing the historical fact that the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem advised Adolph Hitler to destroy the Jews, while an Imam in Gaza wields a butcher knife in what Moslems call “church” and encourages the stabbing of more Jews. And the leftist, anti-Semitic front group “Students for Justice in Palestine” (SJP) are renamed “Stabbing Jews for Peace“!

A sword wielding maniac attacked a school in Sweden & was shot dead by police. Indonesia has resorted to the insanity of “chemical castration” of child molesters instead of simply executing them as they should. And two judges (perfect representative members of the ruling Proctocracy) who freed the most recent cop killer in New York have issued an apology, but will suffer no consequences

Mothers are throwing their infants from windows in New York at an astonishing rate. The EPA is officially to blame for fouling the Animas River and three states. And Scientists have produced data suggesting that Atheists brains may be simply malfunctioning!

Young couples are finding new and sophisticated methods for avoiding child bearing. The government has been collecting newborn human DNA since the 1960s. And sugar and alcohol found on a comet seem a more plausible explanation to the average atheist for intelligent life that the Creator God.

Meanwhile Pluto keeps on delivering death blows to the Big Bang and Old Earth Cosmology, while Walt Brown’s Hydroplate theory continues to accumulate evidence in his favor.

And finally, Physiologists are beginning to write science fiction regarding the evolution of the human fist that will surely lead the youngsters astray, and further muddy the waters of what was once considered common knowledge.

Enjoy the podcast below, and we shall return next week!