America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host just in time to ward off the winter doldrums.

Discover geriatric care for prisoners of the criminal justice industry, and how our governing officials plan to manage the flow of violent crime to the tune of about $70 million!

We’ll check in on the homeless being abused by the nice people of Austin, TX, the New York Department of Education’s latest child molester, and Iranian agitator who may have read “Rules for Radicals” at the White House with Barry HO!

Come to Texas where a man shot a barber over apparent dislike of the haircut received by his son, to England where a Chinese Slave’s desperate note was discovered by a schoolgirl, and then back to China where preaching the Gospel is considered “subversion of state power“.

We’ll tell you about one hostile chicken, one rooster who was downright fatal!

In Japan they hung a murderer. But in Florida, Boston & Chicago it was murder-suicide.

Find out if Fedex drivers carry guns, if the Glaciers in Montana are gone yet, and if we’ve already discovered aliens, (but we just can’t see them).

We’ll tell you of a preacher who killed 20 people with bad Bible teaching, juxtaposed to a tale of a fellow who returned the 40 grand he found stuffed in a couch!

And then there are the plagues of locusts, cockfights, neighbors, horse trailers and other sundry items you might like. All at the podcast below.