Unmask the Servants!

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer & her host look in on the servants and the children and discover that a sociopathic pathogen is endemic.

Discover with us how the tyranny of Gavin Newsom’s gone endemic, that insurance companies all over America are reporting a “COVID related” death surge, and how the Canadian government’s complicity in the crime of doxxing Freedom Convoy Truckers is reprehensible, but it pales in comparison to their many manifold sins & crimes.

The Scots can’t handle you handling the truth about vaccine risks, an epileptic patient in England has been killed because of unnecessary and dangerous FACE COVERINGS. And Elon Musk helps us with a lesson in basic economics and the difference between love and money.

Beefsteak is going behind the iron curtain at Walmart for fear of thieves, the City of Brotherly Love has produced a generation of hate as young as 12, and money the government stole in order to bribe their constituents has been used for a hit job in Miami!

Reason number 1,228 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools comes to us via the beat-down of a high school coach by middle-schoolers. While lobbying for Chinese Communist influence in the schools is now of less concern that the perverts teaching there for a generation.

Otherwise unimpressive adults seem to be obsessed with masking children and their servants and we’re getting mad enough to do something about it…

In Finland quoting the Bible can now get you charged as a criminal faster than pulling a smash-and-grab. The Church of England is calling a 6 year-old transphobic for being confused about gender confusion, Trannies are being led to believe that nature itself will change in light of their delusion, and Neil Young came quietly crawling back to Spotify, (but thankfully we’re not all being forced to listen yet).

All that plus Psalm 39, and friends of Jeffrey Epstein getting just what they deserve…






Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they coin a new term to describe the abnormal times, and ghostly people passing away before our eyes.

Look in with us on Germany, (the 20th Century’s crucible of tyranny) to see how the tyranny of the 2st Century is playing out so far…

John’s Hopkins says lockdowns should be rejected, (and Eric Garcetti, Gavin Newsom and London Breed apparently think holding their breath is a better idea). While Scott Atlas’ New book informs Steve Deace, (and the rest of us) that there are an awful lot of people who need to go on trial, or be banned from public office after this is all over with.

Girls too clever by half: South Dakota Governor, Kristi Noem helped conservatives and Christians codify transgender ideology in law last week, all for the sake of a girls volleyball game, (and while too dim by half Donald Trump & the polulists cheered)!

Judge Roy Moore continues to convincingly deny that he molested anyone, later paid off by a democrat 40 years ago.

And in a preview of things to come, (and things coming to pass), Miss USA, lawyer and champion of social justice Cheslie Kryst jumped to her death without having even put much thought into it.

It turns out that, in addition to being one of the top 3 sociopath’s of the 20th century, Hugh Hefner was industrial scale, criminal level creep!

The end of the world came for a family in Texas this past week, at the hands of a family member who chose mass murder as his solution of choice to a problem, (a problem, no doubt of sexual immorality).

All that plus fear and loathing around the Truckers Freedom Convoy, C.S. Lewis & The Great Divorce, and how to spot an effeminate leftist at a Chinese restaurant.






Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host keep on truckin’.

You’ll hear about a principle beaten unconscious by a girl at school, why we don’t care that first black woman was elected to anything, and how supply chain disruptions have descended into Mad Max territory.

Treasonous General Mike Milley has some idea about when China will move on Taiwan, Delusional Prince Charles is being outwitted by businessmen as he bloviates to save the planet, and the Inspector General of the Air Force expects us all to forget that the Hidembarrass administration lied when they blew up civilians in Kabul and called it “righteous”.

In New Jersey average truck driver Edward Durr upset the election cartel, (and the cartel is going to have to keep Democrat Steve Sweeney quiet about it).

Has anyone seen Gavin Newsom since he got his booster shot?

The Hidembarrass administration insists that firing thousands of truckers and others over vaxx mandates will have no negative impact on the supply chain, the MMA in Poland has separated the girls from the men, and in Texas Governor Greg Abbott is asking the perverts to get the perversion out of the schools!

Twix and Mars candy have endorsed the idea that the deviant must annihilate the normal, Ibram X. Kendi’s daughter has become the victim of her father‘s success, and America has christened and launched a Navy ship named after a homosexual city councilman, elected by Jim Jones’ cult, who’s military career ended under less than honorable circumstances.

And while the devil tends to overplay his hand , we admit that we tend to over-estimate the velocity of the catastrophe, as the election in Virginia shows…

All that plus a report from the Alaska Bureau, PSEV cars, kindergarten color mixing errors in the showroom, and cars that turn us off at the stoplight.