Don’t Need a Weatherman

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they offer help for navigating between the wolves and the sharks and the panic and the real threat.

You’ll hear and see undeniable evidence that every unborn baby is a person, (who needs other people).

Fetuses Holding Hands






You’ll also hear about a rain forest discovered deep under the ice of Antarctica, and who we think best explains it, (Walt Brown in Part II of his textbook explaining why the geological features of the earth appear as they do, “In the Beginning“).

We had a story on Joe Biden, but realized it didn’t matter enough to talk about on the show…

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti practically wet his pants when Arnold Schwarzenegger’s vacuous daughter tweeted about her “huge issue”, in light of the pandemic with the surfs and their Famer’s Markets, (Garcetti shut them down).

Gavin Newsom,  continues freeing killers, in hopes of “re-imagining” theft on an even grander scale, the UN is angling for a 10% skim off the Corona Virus, and amidst the fear and hysteria, John Ramsey, (father of JonBenét and one of her killers) is on cable TV looking for the “real” killer!

Who has blood on their hands? Everyone who allowed Travis Lewis to live after he murdered Sally McKay and Lee Baker, so that he could murder Sally’s daughter Martha, 23 years later in the same house.

There are only nine states in America without “stay at home” orders, (we’ll see how they fare).

The pandemic might have been the result of an accidental release from a Chinese virology lab, targeted antibodies may be some of the keys to preserving life and ending the fear of COVID-19, and liberals hate that Choloroquine may be an effective treatment for it!

Harvey Weinstein doesn’t have that particular virus, (and neither does the woman in New Orleans who last week, Trump supposedly killed).

And kids are happier at home than at school!



Greta van Scared

America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host are scared too, but not that scared…

That’s right. Listen in to discover what we think about the possible loss of 3 billion birds in North America as opposed to what we know about child abuser Megan Fox and her abusive husband Brian.

Hear all about the middle school sex survey designed to poison the minds of innocent children, and how it has some, (yes only some) parent outraged!

Famous democrat, queer, murderer, and dog lover Ed Buck has finally been arrested for killing other homos. And with a governor like Gavin Newsom in office he’ll likely be back out raping and killing (along with others) in West Hollywood before the hypodermic needle is dry.

Find out why “food insecurity” should be the driving force behind family and economy, and not a cash cow for thieves in charity and government.

We’ll discuss the Chinese attempt to replace the Ten Commandments with not so ancient Chinese wisdom

Take off with us on an airplane that was neither serviced by a Moslem, nor boarded by any Moslems, but instead was full of Christians desperate to stop drunkenness & fornication.

We’ll check in with Greta Thunberg and the other victims of climate abuse, and rebuke their parents, social, religious and cultural leaders for scaring them so badly that they might just hurt themselves or someone else.

All that and a report on EVIL: featuring the New England Patriots, Greta van Fleet, and finally! The war we’ve always needed to win, againt Iran!