Lying in State

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host remind you that all of this is serious, that all of us are responsible, and that while our laughter ameliorates our tragic state, it is allegiance to the Living God that overcomes it.

We’ll visit with aliens,(space… not illegal) via a remarkable candidate vying to serve our sacred democracy, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, with Roy Cohn and  decadent homosexual lifestyle that got him killed via Politico, and with pervy teachers handing out condoms to their students.

Find out why Barry Ho’s CDC director was arrested, why Brown University censored a study on the mass hysteria that is gender dysphoria, how Texas produces almost as much oil these days as Russia and Saudi Arabia, and why Gonorrhea is number one with a bullet again!

We’ll look in on the inherently hypocritical founder, spokesman, and perhaps only member of the Voluntary Human Extinction “movement“, suicide and suspected abuse among pre-teens, and the fate of ugly fruit, (and vegetables).

We pay our backhanded respects to the sheer gaudiness and audacity that marked the funerals, the gauche displays of lying in state, and the pathetic comments made in regards to singer Aretha Franklin and liar, thief, and murderer John McCain, (and Ted Kennedy).

We’ll also touch on the whole controversy around Canadian “bacon”, atheists and child rearing, and the tragic and precarious state of our fragile temporal existence… All at the Podcast below:



Criminal Cultural Status

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host in exposing the criminal, lamenting the cultural, and declaring the status of both!

We start in Israel, where British reporters “question the use of the Bible as a historical reference because most events mentioned in the text lack historical evidence,” while actually reporting historical evidence for the Bible!

Hear how Rock icons U-2 are just that, and not Christian, how Donald Trump and Mike Pence punted the defunding of Planned Parenthood to the states, how public school lockdowns are a part of daily life where nearly 70% of government school students can’t read, or write or do math!

We’ll tell you why the fear of God must be felt in court, that the defiled “leather” district in San Francisco has become a “cultural” district, and how criminals might just be able to edit their DNA to evade justice!

We’ll share the sad tale of what used to be the Boy Scouts, why an abusive pair of lesbians does not qualify as “normal”, and exactly what parents can expect from the molesters and abusers inflicting the government school complex upon America’s youth.

Find out why we think Hollywood (and  #metoo) are empty of any good, why incarceration as a punishment for crime is immoral, (and even ridiculous), and why suicide is and shall remain criminal, no matter what the heathen’s say.

It seems half of Americans are ready to throw in the towel and embrace Bernie Sanders, and government jobs, health care and cheese for all, even as one of the inspirations for such foolishness, John McCain prepares to be taught a few lessons in economics, justice and morality from his creator.

And Burning Man founder Larry Harvey has taken his place among the burning men…

All this and a few prognostications from the Bird Whisperer at the podcast below.




Requiem for a Guilty Conscience

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she brings her host back for a thoughtful and entertaining analysis of the culture, politics, religion and all the things that really matter.

We’ll unpack Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and her limp-wristed support for Barry HO’s “trannies in the schoolhouse” policies, and continue on to America’s latest import to the U.K. –  “Drag Queen Story Time”!

Then on to Athens Georgia where one tranny shot and killed another from a rival “transgender group”…

Then there’s the good old fashioned graft of John McCain, and the antithesis of that… the world record sniper shot by a member of Canada’s Joint Task Force 2 of 3,450 meters!

We’ll explore why suicide is now a problem solving option, why adultery kills, and why doctors dealing Opioids should be tried and executed!

Then it’s back to the U.K. to try and figure out why they can’t execute even the most heinous of terrorist murderers: Michael Adebolajo. And instead let him proselytize their hapless prison system.

In the mean time the European Court of “Human Rights” has sentenced 10 month old Charlie Gard to die!

MSNBC thinks Hugh Hewitt is a conservative! And crime reporters in Albuquerque just can’t get a break…

The hook up culture produces broken hearts that may never heal, John’s Hopkins brings us another cancer research breakthrough, and a tower of human skulls gives us insight into the past, (and the future) as Christian values lose their standing amongst the family of man.

All this and some choice words for the unreconciled guilty among us, at the podcast below.