The Punishment They Deserve

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host document the existential collapse of Western Civilization occurring all around the Impeachment Inquiry.

Hear from the women of Brown University as they present symptoms of the abusive manner in which their  raised them (to hate justice). And hear from another terrified, abused & whining millennial, this one an “anti-natalist” from India.

Discover how a “urinalist” canconflate the fates of an innocent child and a convicted murderer, how a family detonation with 4 murdered and 5 dead barely makes the news in San Diego, and how Chesa Boudin, the new criminally insane D.A. in San Francisco might have plans to legally urinate in public, while criminalizing law enforcement.

And then there’s the Denver Colorado businessman being fined by the criminally insane officials of the city for not cleaning up the feces vagrants keep depositing on his property.

David (Daleiden) was wounded by Goliath (Planned Parenthood) in a civil trial overseen by a pro-abort judge, and decided by a Jury blinded to the facts by the judge!

The communist Pope conflates homos and Jews in an attempt to cobble together the worst Hitler comparison we’ve ever heard…

Chick-Fil-A took the Mark of the Beast this week so they could sell more chicken, and the loud mouthed homosexuals who made them do it HATE them for it.

And while you might have been distracted by the “bombshell witnesses” and testimony over at the impeachment inquiry circus, Iran is teetering on the brink something that could change everything, And Mexico is on the verge of being entirely ruled by criminals and vigilantes.

All this and Ruth Bader Ginsberg leaves the hospital, again! Our frank opinion of the man named Musk & the cars called Tesla, The Denver Broncos’ Christian Underground? And a request to see the memo where America expunged Thanksgiving from the national conversation.

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Lying in State

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host remind you that all of this is serious, that all of us are responsible, and that while our laughter ameliorates our tragic state, it is allegiance to the Living God that overcomes it.

We’ll visit with aliens,(space… not illegal) via a remarkable candidate vying to serve our sacred democracy, Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, with Roy Cohn and  decadent homosexual lifestyle that got him killed via Politico, and with pervy teachers handing out condoms to their students.

Find out why Barry Ho’s CDC director was arrested, why Brown University censored a study on the mass hysteria that is gender dysphoria, how Texas produces almost as much oil these days as Russia and Saudi Arabia, and why Gonorrhea is number one with a bullet again!

We’ll look in on the inherently hypocritical founder, spokesman, and perhaps only member of the Voluntary Human Extinction “movement“, suicide and suspected abuse among pre-teens, and the fate of ugly fruit, (and vegetables).

We pay our backhanded respects to the sheer gaudiness and audacity that marked the funerals, the gauche displays of lying in state, and the pathetic comments made in regards to singer Aretha Franklin and liar, thief, and murderer John McCain, (and Ted Kennedy).

We’ll also touch on the whole controversy around Canadian “bacon”, atheists and child rearing, and the tragic and precarious state of our fragile temporal existence… All at the Podcast below: