America’s most attractive audio engineer returns with her host to bump you in and out of his unusual fears & beliefs…

Tune in to hear how DNA cannot survive for 68 million years, but has been found in the soft tissue of a T. Rex fossil, and how it may lead to the cloning of a dinosaur! (But has so far been unable to shake the old-earthers from their delusion).

We’ll discuss Barry’s surrender to Cuba alongside Joe Biden’s visit to Israel, (and how an American other than him was stabbed and killed.

Find out why a teen aged product of the government schools shot up his family, and how hippies in Sweden were deprived of their farcical “Earth Hour” by real bands of roving of Moslem rapists!

Here how Japan is reconsidering the 21st century version of Harri-Kari, how global dept is three times what you thought it was, (but only if you factor in the ACTUAL debt obligations), how girls just want to have fun, (and not in combat thank you very much), and how the idiot politicians manipulating the hapless millennials into demanding a higher minimum wage might just get them all replaced by robots!

South Park is a threat to global civilization, Bowe Bergdahl is mentally ill, (but still knew what it meant to desert), the NY St. Patrick’s Day Parade was officially infected with homos this year, the Obamacare kid is a tranny, the CIA is recruiting lesbian spies, and the RE-publicans may bolt the RE-publican party!

As strange as it all seems it’s all right here at the podcast below…