Just Authority & Injustice

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host dismember the rampant hypocrisy from both sides of what appears to be the same coin.

Join us in the former Great Britain who have released terrorist Anjem Choudary, knowing full well he’ll terrorize again, and then on to Hungary where a sliver of sanity stands between Prime Minister Viktor Orban and the decline and fall brought on by, among other things… “Gender Studies”.

We witness yet another “family detonation” shrouded in Newspeak, and visit the heartland of America where out of wedlock births are up Forty percent!

Hear on one side a heroic mother who risked, and ultimately gave her life for the life of another, and on the other side leftists who would open American hospitals to illegals and addicts without question, while refusing to suffer the life of one innocent child, or one weeping father to be granted even the slightest measure of mercy.

We’ll check in on the yet to resign Pope and the seemingly Satanic pile of homosexuals and pedophiles he refuses to disband despite all the children and young men raped.

And finally we reveal the ultimate hypocrisy of lowlife, cowardly bastards like Lindsey Graham & Adam Schiff decrying alleged murder and dismemberment in the case of Muslim Brotherhood member, Hamas cheerleader and Islamist Jamal Khashoogi, while funding and promoting the murder and dismemberment of innocent American children under the “Roe Exception”, even after Alabama Supreme Court Justice Tom Parker so poignantly proves that those kids are people, and innocent people at that!

All this and even more light into darkness at the podcast below: