Hope in Truth

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer as she and her host seek the truth, and discover others doing the same… even while they’re denying it.

We’ll go to space, where the free market may just do in a decade what all the government bureaucracies of the world could not get done in the better part of a century, (neither the last, nor this century)!

Then we’ll delve into the inner workings of the biological cell to discover the truth about the original home of information science, (and evidence that viruses may have been created for good after all).

Then it’s off to the American Congress where Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore told the Democrat Committee for Climate Propaganda & Hysteria, (or whatever) that the “Sixth Great Extinction” and the climate crisis generally is just a fear tactic and a load of bunk.

The it’s back to 1942 when about half of all Americans either embraced, or weren’t sure about socialism, to 2019 where most Americans don’t know what socialism is, but almost half are for it.

After that it’s on to Tulane University where a man who publicly, proudly talks about sodomizing other men admitted his failures in his commencement address, (but without addressing the whole open sodomy fail).

We’ll check in on the state of domestic tranquility with a murder for hire plot at the NYPD, and the state of justice with the Just-a-System’s release of two MS-13 Gangsters into a sanctuary city where the accused murderers then murdered 14 year old Ariana Funez-Diaz. We call for the prosecution of everyone involved in the release on charges of accessory to murder.

We’ll update you on the saga of Johnie Walker Lindh (or as known on the Worldview: Johnnie Walker Black), also released from prison, also forever broken by the truth of what homosexuality is, and is also likely to kill again…

We’ll tell you why “life without the possibility of parole” means “with the possibility of parole”, especially in the case of John Hickenlooper, Erik Jensen & Nathan Ybanez; three accomplices in the murder of Nathan’s mother Julia Ybanez. (Hickenlooper also having made himself an accomplice in the 1993 Chuck e Cheese Massacre with Nathan Dunlap).

Then we’ll check in on Bobby Joe Long, finally executed in Florida for the early 1980s murders (and rapes) of at least eight women.

We issue an apology to Yovani Lopez for our misunderstanding and misinformation about him last week. He was the husband of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez. She was brutally murdered and her child torn from her womb. He was indeed her husband, and the father of their child. (Husbands and fathers being persons the media has a policy, generally not to mention. Hence your hosts unfortunate confusion).

And we celebrate with all decent people the respite given to Frenchman Vincent Lambert, as he is once again being fed and given water by the state Hell bent on killing him.

Hear about all that, New York City, trains and buses, hail and tornadoes, and some musings on being governed by child killing, radical, homosexual socialists everywhere… All at the podcast below.



Stopping the Suicidal Secular Children Threatening Us All

America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps in and out of some disturbing news and uplifting advice from the nations fastest streaming host!

Find out why a local 9-1-1 system may have caused a professor of law to wait 12 minutes for an ambulance before he died, why RE-publicans in Mississippi are too compromised and corrupt to shut down the last abortion mill there, and why Bob Beauprez can’t bring himself to call for the execution of Chuck E. Cheese killer Nathan Dunlap.

Justice took a few body blows, as she saw a murder conviction overturned for lack of proper seating, a judge seduced the wife of the man she was divorcing in his court, and is immune from civil prosecution, (and criminal prosecution for the crime of adultery), three other judges opined that marriage is an expansive right to be stretched among as many people of as many genders as “societal norms” dictate, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg plans to hand around the Supreme Court as long as she is able to articulate clearly her suicidal, secular, socialist opinions…

Barry has hollowed out our military, The UN continues to condemn Israel and promote the values of HAMAS, Facebook has a hard time seeing why anyone’s offended by the anti-Semitic electronic shout of “death to the Jews“, Islamists are apparently the only people capable of killing Islamists now that the west has retreated, and Europe is bankrolling Al-Qaeda due to their lack of wisdom and guts to fight them!

But we haven’t forgotten that Boko Haram still has those Christian girls, and that Islam is the pagan fount of the slave trade, despite Barry Ho’s tip of the hat to Islam’s influence on the “very fabric” of America…

The distorted spirit of the suicidal secular children in charge is on display for all to see, and only you and I have the solution…