After the Nadir

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as the lift you up high above the swirling, sucking eddy of despair into an ever brightening universe!

We’ll go to the European Court of Human Rights where free (and true) speech is verboten, to Indiana where the state of Domestic Tranquility is tragic, and the the Department of State where America has stopped encouraging Palestinian delusions.

We’ll attend the “Value” Voters Summit, where the rah, rah RE-publicans bamboozle their evangelical base, even while presiding over the grand larceny of their grand children, (at least the ones who survive the RE-publican abortion holocaust).

We’ll push back on the flaming homo calling Ernie & Bert gay, Pope Francis comparing child molesters to Jesus Christ at Pilate’s Judgment Seat, and that same Pope causing Catholics to “Take the Mark” in China.

We declare that Google is Evil! As they spy on the Chinese people for the government Hell bent on destroying them for their Christianity!

And finally we take note of companies abandoning the requirement for a college degree, a triathlete and his lesson on why you should avoid the temptation of an “all you can eat” Sushi Buffet, what Paul Manafort deserves, and what what Brett Kavanaugh is getting is no surprise!

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Lend your ear as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host lay out myriad possibilities obscuring the one true reality.

Hear about America’s threat to arrest prosecutors of the International Criminal Court, Fox News’ sketchy claim that Assad is ready to let go with chemical weapons, and the gas attack that wasn’t on Sept. 11th.

We’ll drop in on the fraternizing Woman Marine who broke into the infantry, only to find her passions lie elsewhere, cheer a dad who shot and killed a carjacker to save his daughter, admonish a Georgia public schools half-hearted attempt at corporal punishment, and call the cops on a Canadian pervert and his tranny marionette!

Witness the collapsing state of Domestic Tranquility as we examine the author, (and finisher) of “How to Murder Your Husband”, and a mom who chose murder over an exchange of custody during divorce proceedings.

We’ll also present more evidence behind the old suspicion, that divorce, not unlike a venereal disease is contagious!

We’ll check in on the “3rd Generation”, who tend to believe aliens are a real possibility, and that Chelsea Clinton & Colin Kaepernick somehow speak for, and to a generation of sexually confused misfits that appear to be taking over Yale!

And finally we will check in on the tales of both Pope Francis, (communist child molester and ring leader for an all around unholy pile of homos & creeps), and Brett Kavanaugh, who lost us at “categorically, unequivocally, not then or ever…”

All at the podcast below: