Happens All the Time…

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host review the things that never happened before and happen all the time.

We predict that history will reveal that is was a Supreme Court Justice herself who leaked the draft opinion on Roe, and hear how in America circa 2022 the “conservative media” can be outraged about the president’s press secretary’s connections to CNN, but are not allowed to remark upon her being a child abusing sex pervert!

And from there we continue our coverage of how we got here, starting in Colorado where a mom was prevented from reading aloud to the school board from a book they made available to her child, (because it was just too dirty), and where a 12 year old was lured to be groomed by the perverts allowed to lurk with intent to creep at her government school.

Hear about the suicide of 16 year old “Toddlers in Tiaras” star Kailia Posey and her mother’s sad & deplorable social media post about it.

Come to Texas where the ruling class is aware of the criminal abuse of public school children, but lack the moral certitude to act appropriately, to Cal State where an alleged professor of history is allowed to rewrite about 5000 years worth, and to Brett Kavanaugh’s house, where the people for whom he’s spent a lifetime administering justice no longer respect the rule of law.

We’ll discuss the shocking nature of the possible overturning of Roe, and the sad fact that the overturning will not make killing children illegal.

Find out about a new file at the Worldview: the “Another Death Attributable to the Policies of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon” file, (or the “Death to Gascon” file for short).

Almost half the pastors who should resign in America considered doing so last year, a mother in Pennsylvania killed her kids without consideration of Roe, and in Tennessee the governor’s lack of confidence in knowing right from wrong is keeping alive a murderer on death row since 1990.

We’ll take you to Buffalo where another one of those things that never used to happen, (another massacre at the grocery store) happened, like those things happen now… pretty much all the time.

These stories and the irony of a baby formula shortage in a country where the right to have a dead baby, (let alone one who is hungry) is a religious sacrament, The Rescue Movement, Let’s Go Brandon vs the Marxists, and how anyone paying attention should have known to separate from Disney over a decade ago.





Are we hearkening back to General McAuliffe’s reply to Nazi demands for surrender at Bastogne, or referring to the mental state of atheists… It’s for you to discover. So listen in!

But speaking of insanity, another robed lawyer occupying the tall chair of the Just-A-System allowed a murderer to go free; this time citing the killers advanced age and the likelihood he had “aged out” of being a further threat. That killer was convicted of murdering another girl. The Judge cannot, (but will) be found.

We’ll outline reason #1202 to get, or keep your kids out of the government schools, (and Islamic proselytizing is way, way down on the list).

Get our unique take Elijah Cummings, the race huckster who’s presided over the further transformation of Maryland’s 7th District from Charm City to rat infested war zone.

You’ll find out why nuts might help keep you from going… well, nuts!

Find out why Ruth Bader Ginsberg likes Neil Gorsuch, and really, really likes Brett Kavanaugh!

We’ll feature Portland’s Mayor Ted and his handing over parts of his city to ANTIFA.

There have been so many stabbings in Gothenburg Sweden that they’re running out of blood, how America’s culture of death was writ large in an Applebee’s bathroom, and how terminally stupid liars in South Dakota plan to take the name of God in vain at every school in the state.

We’ll discuss charlatan’s like Bill de Blasio leading a generation astray, and then take a look at the spiritual state of said generation.

We’ll cover the creep who raped a little girl in the bathroom at McDonalds, and the even creepier Allysa Milano’s vulgar rants against national boundaries, for killing babies, and how her belief in God apparently cannot be confirmed.

There is a very obvious holocaust against Indian girls that is occurring every day to little or no fanfare from all the leftists who clam to care so much about the children.

All that and the asteroid that almost hit, Jeffrey Epstein (and the state of New Jersey) on suicide watch, and how the reaction of an innocent child to the clutches of Mike Pence could teach us all a thing or two.

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The Big Let Down

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer scales the heights of soaring rhetoric and plumbs the depths of cold reality with her host!

You’ll hear Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax explain to women what he understood the Democrat policy to be regarding forcible rape, Damon Wayans Jr. take the Mark of the Beast, and Nancy Pelosi quote her very own version of the Satanic Bible!

You’ll also experience the feigned outrage of RE-publicans over the rules they wrote on how to chop up and disseminate the body parts of innocent children, and how in some cases they suspect that the Democrats, and Planned Parenthood are not following those rules, and how we need more rules if we’re to be a civilized about it, and outline precisely when and where innocent children can be murdered, or butchered, or possibly sold off to be fused with animals by researchers.

We’ll have a laugh at the expense of the “Suffragettes” at the State of the Union, and levy a serious warning to Donald Trump about taking the the name of God (in vain) to lend credibility to his position of the life of “every” child.

We’ll ask why it would be that the city of Cary North Carolina would find itself oppressing Chinese dissident voices against Xi Jinping. And tell how reading Ayn Rand can leave youngsters with above average intelligence with the mistaken impression that they’re geniuses.

We’ll also assess the RE-publican dominated Supreme Court in light of John Robert’s outright liberalism, and Brett Kavanaugh’s odd obsession with “process” over “justice”, (both of whom join all of the others on the court in rejecting the right to life of innocent helpless children in the womb).

We officially make the call for someone to go by Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s house just to make sure she’s OK.

And we’ll introduce you to the latest scientific thinker to make the most outrageous statement with the straightest face, (this time about aliens), making him the latest superstar on the atheist, evolutionist media circuit.

And you’ll learn about police pursuit policies, United Methodists, unionized, communist, teachers gone on strike, and the diabolical strategy behind the “Green New Deal”.

All at the podcast below: