War, Civil and Otherwise

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host go behind enemy lines without ever leaving town…

Find out about the fear being struck into the hearts of those administering the well regulated child killing state, how FoxNews promotes child abuse on Friday morning TV, and how a few of the Tampa Bay Rays players are doing their best to offer a ray of hope.

As the funerals from the Tops Massacre in Buffalo wind down, government school administrators in the suburbs cover up for child molesters, and pay off the victims. And while everything is shrinking at the grocery store, the tattooed population continues to expand (and to limit their career mobility).

Leftist Lutherans have gotten run over at the intersectionalism of transgender mania and racism, George Soros has suffered a setback in San Francisco with the recall of Terrorist sympathizer Chesa Boudin, and the Victims of Communism Museum opened in Washington DC just in time to be there in case American’s are added to that tragic list.

All that plus how to end mass shootings and crime, our advice on what to do with money for college, and a audio peek behind the curtain with Barack Obama and George Soros.



Rumors of Propaganda

Join the broadcast featuring America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host, cutting through the rumors, clearing out the propaganda and finding for you the Voice of America!

Look in on alleged trannies and genuine mind control out of Ukraine, hear how crime disappeared in San Francisco, and find out why Miami officials can’t make it stop no matter how they try.

The Chinese communists are nefariously hoarding food while strategically locking down, the apex of medical advancement in The West is being squandered on evil, and a half million human beings have been slaughtered in Ethiopia while only God was paid attention…

Austin ISD & hapless Texas AG Ken Paxton bring us reasons 1,943 & 44 to get your kids out of the deviant government schools, while New York public schools are thankfully hemorrhaging students!

And did you hear? The potential Russian cyber attack is easily as scary as the potential Russian chemical attack. And it was just as good for ratings, and might be just as frightening as that potential Russian attack on that nuclear reactor wasn’t.

A new Chinese communist organ emerged toeing the CCP line over at the V.O.A., leftist NY City mayor Eric Adams fired a pastor he’s appointed to a patronage job because she agreed in writing with the Apostle Paul, and Disney swerved “slightly lefter” and just a tad more gross with a movie kiss that should get someone arrested!

Meanwhile, no one from science, academia or law dares to define a woman in public, but one things for sure; the Army doesn’t want to see any of them embarrassed about their upper body strength in combat.

All that plus Attenborough sites the elusive Anime Dead Girl, the aesthetics of annunciation, a letter to your dentist, tipping made uncomfortable, and petty leftist tyrants out for blood!