War, Civil and Otherwise

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host go behind enemy lines without ever leaving town…

Find out about the fear being struck into the hearts of those administering the well regulated child killing state, how FoxNews promotes child abuse on Friday morning TV, and how a few of the Tampa Bay Rays players are doing their best to offer a ray of hope.

As the funerals from the Tops Massacre in Buffalo wind down, government school administrators in the suburbs cover up for child molesters, and pay off the victims. And while everything is shrinking at the grocery store, the tattooed population continues to expand (and to limit their career mobility).

Leftist Lutherans have gotten run over at the intersectionalism of transgender mania and racism, George Soros has suffered a setback in San Francisco with the recall of Terrorist sympathizer Chesa Boudin, and the Victims of Communism Museum opened in Washington DC just in time to be there in case American’s are added to that tragic list.

All that plus how to end mass shootings and crime, our advice on what to do with money for college, and a audio peek behind the curtain with Barack Obama and George Soros.



The Big Take-Back

Listen in to  America’s most attractive audio engineer and the host with whom she kept her 3 kids, and never gave the creeps and bastards a chance to take ’em!

Join us in thanking Kirk Cameron & promoting his Homeschool Awakening movie and cultural event!  Buy tickets and find out why we home-schooled ours, and how you can home-school yours!

Follow us through Tiananmen Square 33 years on, to communists bribing RE-publican governor Kristi Noem’s children with government cheese, to a church parking lot in Iowa where mass murder is just a part of the scenery.

We’ll visit San Francisco and step over the human feces to bring you a preview of the Recall Effort against Chesa Boudin. And over to Waukesha where the surviving victims of the Christmas Parade Massacre are being traumatized all over again by the Just-a-System. And finally through Ohio and Texas, where two murderers, (one convicted and one indicted) were allowed to live free enough and long enough to kill again.

The American Secretary of State is Blinkin’, Tony Blinken that is; and he’s bending over whichever way the perverts running him ask. The United States Marine Corps is one degree closer to Sodom, (but still with a little fight left in them). And Americans who thought they had “no problem with gay rights” are finding out that unless they submit, it is a problem.

The Ukrainian military in on the verge of queering right into the E.U. The man who shot the president will be touring freely this summer, and America might just end up in a war because no one ever wants us to know who really killed Seth Rich!

All that plus Sheryl Sandberg’s abortion, lying to the FBI, (and getting away with it), how to Make America Great Again, and a dog story just to make sure you tune in.



Paroling the Insurrection

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host for a review the weeks milestones in the search for intelligent life on earth.

But Intelligent life HAS been discovered near star 98-59, (as far as you know).

Intelligence certainly cannot be found in the scientific community, or at the FDA where researchers and regulators want to monitor and possibly pull sunscreens off the market for POSSIBLE carcinogenic ingredients, but the same “approve” of a “vaccine” that’s likely killed more than 10,000 people.

The queers are projecting queerness on Batman & Robin, Government School teachers in California pledge allegiance to the homo flag, according to the pervert at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation on Virginia, it turns out the gay rights movement started somewhere around 1743.

The governor of Illinois is a at the very least a molester of children’s minds, even Eminem has the good sense not to comment on his daughter’s mental illness, and Harvard has appointed an atheist as their chief chaplain.

The fascist dictatorship of Canada wants to help mothers kill their children (even after they are born), the European Court of Human Rights believes that killing a child is better than allowing doctors to treat him, and OJ Simpson is the only man in America afraid that he might cross paths with the real killer in Los Angeles.

Gavin Newsom has allowed the release of another killer on the eve of his recall, a double murder suicide in Oklahoma should shock us all, a school shooting in Albuquerque should have done the same, and Sirhan Sirhan could be free if the the California Deep State fixes the recall election for Nancy Pelosi’s nephew, (the aforementioned Gavin Newsom).

Not to be outdone by Gavin Newsom, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo paroled Chesa Boudin’s murderous father.

Google blames PG&E for a California wildfire for which a college professor of cults and deviant behavior was actually arrested, at least one of Barack Obama’s “Taliban Five” engineered the disaster in Kabul, and we’ve identified the men who should have been shot at the 2020 riots in Minneapolis!