Sign of the Times

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps the decline and fall of Western Civilization into bite sized chunks so as not to gag you…

Hear all about reason# 1,100 to get or keep your kids out of the government schools when we visit with a mom who beat up her daughters rival at the local high school, and reason # 1099 – New York dropping their literacy test for teachers!

The Paris City Council tried to stem the tide of pornography as advertising, the cops in Southern California are arresting fewer and fewer, even as the crime rate rises, and Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood refused Donald Trumps request to stop killing kids.

The Freeway fire in Atlanta turned out not be terrorism, but just another all American grown up misfit, high on crack, Al Gore found the Book of Revelation, and the trannies are piling up in Sweden faster than the surgeons can chop and stitch!

Then there is reason # 1,102… a high school principal in Sand Point Idaho cruising for impressionable teens in secret; reason # 1,103 – the latest live streamed rape by a product of the public schools… and finally reason # 1,101 – a 50 year old teacher kidnapping a female high school freshman!

We check in on the saga of General Michael Flynn and Svetlana

And we discuss which birth certificate is “faker”… the one Barry showed Donald Trump in 2011, or the one his alleged half-brother Malik Tweeted in March!

All that and tales of buses, trains and Thai food, right at the podcast below…