Antidote for the Bamboozled

Listen in to a New Year of America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as propaganda gives way to the news.

If you thought we made it through the New Year’s holiday without the much feared massacre… think again. a 16 year old in Long Branch New Jersey robbed his family, and the rest of us of that luxury.

We bring you reason number one thousand, one hundred and nineteen to get or keep your kids out of the government schools with the “Queering the Bible” series, presented by a jewish lesbian at the formerly Christian Swarthmore College.

Then an appropriate segue into earthquakes.

Get an in depth analysis of the 2017 awarding of the “Pro-life Person of the Year”… going to Donald J. Trump, as presented by Troy Newman of “Operation Rescue Troy Newman From Having to Make an Honest Living“, a popular pro-life industry fund raising, and bamboozling organization.

Find out about allegations of Hebrew tax persecution in France, just executions of Islamist murderers in Egypt, and the rising tide of “low level” crime in England.

Corey Gardner burnished his bamboozler bonafides this past week. Buttressing his promise to give our daughters birth control pills with a new promise to give our sons legalized dope.

And while surgical abortion is on the decline, it just keeps getting easier and easier to kill innocent people. And Planned Parenthood is planning alright! Planning to sell hormones to tranny’s on top of their already horribly lucrative service of murdering innocent children.

All this plus frostbite, chickens, restaurant reviews, Fire and Fury, Fake News, and the real reason America is so divided.