Antidote for the Bamboozled

Listen in to a New Year of America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as propaganda gives way to the news.

If you thought we made it through the New Year’s holiday without the much feared massacre… think again. a 16 year old in Long Branch New Jersey robbed his family, and the rest of us of that luxury.

We bring you reason number one thousand, one hundred and nineteen to get or keep your kids out of the government schools with the “Queering the Bible” series, presented by a jewish lesbian at the formerly Christian Swarthmore College.

Then an appropriate segue into earthquakes.

Get an in depth analysis of the 2017 awarding of the “Pro-life Person of the Year”… going to Donald J. Trump, as presented by Troy Newman of “Operation Rescue Troy Newman From Having to Make an Honest Living“, a popular pro-life industry fund raising, and bamboozling organization.

Find out about allegations of Hebrew tax persecution in France, just executions of Islamist murderers in Egypt, and the rising tide of “low level” crime in England.

Corey Gardner burnished his bamboozler bonafides this past week. Buttressing his promise to give our daughters birth control pills with a new promise to give our sons legalized dope.

And while surgical abortion is on the decline, it just keeps getting easier and easier to kill innocent people. And Planned Parenthood is planning alright! Planning to sell hormones to tranny’s on top of their already horribly lucrative service of murdering innocent children.

All this plus frostbite, chickens, restaurant reviews, Fire and Fury, Fake News, and the real reason America is so divided.



Another Poison Pill

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer & her host Doug McBurney for the Weekly Worldview as they span the globe to bring you all the trouble in the world, and the solution.

The conservative talk this week turns to modern day segregation in the 3rd grade classroom, Rand Paul’s half truth regarding why ISIS exists and is getting stronger, and the whole truth about how traitor Edward Snowden crippled Western Civilization’s Long War against Islamism.

Then there’s the defeat of the mighty sheiks of OPEC by the rednecks, roughnecks and roustabouts of the North American oil fields, Barry HO’s dissembling about the threat of Climate Change to the American military while cities in America and the Middle East erupt with the warfare & violence he and his girl troika have sown.

China is making her contribution to stem the tide of impending climate crises by building and fortifying islands in the South China Sea for as yet unspecified “environmental” activities, Loretta Lynch is prosecuting FIFA for apparently not following appropriate corruption protocol, and the residents of Baltimore are afraid to leave their homes at night since Barry, Loretta Lynch, and that cross between a rabid pit-bull & a lawyer (Marilyn Mosby) put their boots on the necks of local law enforcement there.

The Vatican has finally trotted out a secretary (not the Pope) to call attention to the “defeat for humanity” that occurred when the foolish, ignorant children of Ireland voted to destroy marriage, and now the governing authorities in Chile have decided to have a public conversation about legalizing things that have been known as crimes for five thousand years, and the birth control pill has been tentatively outed for the threat to women’s health, (and personhood) that it is.

And now that your daughter can be fitted with an IUD right in the nurses office at your local public school, students are showing their appreciation by organizing, promoting and attending real life brawls via social media, and a teacher who read a homo-pormographic Allen Ginsberg poem to his high school class has resigned despite his advocates amongst the child molesters administering the government schools.

And finally a bunch of drugged out hippies destroyed ancient Israeli artifacts during their annual exchange of drugs and venereal diseases known as the “Burning Man” festival… but they promise they won’t do it again.

It’s all right below at the podcast link. Hit it, and get more conservative talk in one hour than most other hosts can muster in a week!




The Set Up

We welcome our enemies and our friends to listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer wraps news nuggets in a tasty batter of melodious bumpers and hands them off to be deep fried and served up hot by her favorite conservative talk host.

We begin with the continuing efforts of the homosexualists to defile our kids; with a bakery in Northern Ireland being ordered to bake some homos a cake with Bert & Ernie (of Sesame Street fame) on top, Tony the Tiger promoting the homo pride parade in Atlanta, and the diabolical segue to a sex scene at the end of ABC’s presentation of “It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown”.

Then we examine the mature and rotten fruit of the pro life industry’s failed strategy of abandoning Personhood; first, formerly famous Hollywood actress Ellen Barkin asserting that babies and infants are not people! Then a 35 year old mom throws her six year old child off a bridge and calmly calls 9-11 to report herself, and finally; your hosts 5 year old daughter being told by her 5 year old friend that “my daddy says it’s OK for two women to get married”!

A Columbine style massacre was averted at Radnor High in Pennsylvania,(reason 837), and a Marine Dad who fought terrorists in Afghanistan is now fighting the teaching of Islam in his daughter’s godless, (if you don’t count Allah) government school, (reason 836).

Iran is violating the nuclear “agreement” they made with the Barry & Kerry Show WHILE secretly passing notes back and forth with the HO administration. And just as predicted by your host, (and anyone else with half a brain), “moderate” Islamic fighters have surrendered themselves and the weapons Barry and John McCain gave them to the enemy in Syria.

Thousands of Christians and Yazidis are still trapped on Mt. Sinjar in Syria as Barry Ho hits the links and relaxes as if he saved them, an Army vet survived the War in Afghanistan, but could not survive the murder epidemic in the suburbs of Los Angeles, and rapper “Big Paybacc” was shot dead at McDonald’s before he could move in with his latest girlfriend, or send November’s child support to the mothers of his three children.

And finally, Colorado Senator elect Cory Gardner campaigned on a platform of repealing ObamaCare, and making the birth control pill, (and other abortifacients) available “over the counter.” Hear your host’s prediction as to which campaign promise Cory will keep…

Tune in to the Podcast below: