If You Want Blood…

Join America’s most attractive audio engineer and her host as they bump through an hour examining the events of week that saved the world by destroying it!

Get a load of the latest trend among America’s up and coming products of the government schools… it’s called “scarification” and it’s apparently just another activity filling the time of the youth in between exchanging pornographic images of one another.

Then there’s the latest evidence that Berry Ho broke the law when he exchanged deserter Bowe Bergdahl for those five Taliban generals, (and the obligatory RE-publican crickets).

There’s ISIS Oil flowing somewhere that “smells badly“, a Texas Imam calling for reform is forced to resign and in fear for his life, a plea from hapless Germany to Saudi Arabia to please stop spreading the Wahabist, Salafist doctrine that rules their kingdom, and a former resident of Guantanamo Bay leading Islamists in battle against us in Arabia, (perhaps with weapons stolen from us, or sold to Islamist be us).

The Vatican now says everyone can go to Heaven. Your kids are becoming socialists in the government school lunch room, Teachers are raping students at an alarming pace, but a memorial bench with some scriptures and a cross is VERBOTEN!

And of course The Nativity has been surrendered by eviscerated evangelicals to a federal judge, because Christians who sacrifice their children on the alter of free government education know their place, and know when they must bow to their masters will.

But all that aside, we want to thank the collective leadership of the socialist western democracies for at least saving the world from global warming!

It’s all right here in the podcast for your consideration…