Secrets from the Rooftops

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer joins her host in exposing the lawlessness bubbling up from the dark secret places to the highest offices in the land.

Hear how America’s Secretary of State might just have gotten a man killed, and how the President of the United States paid a ransom in the dead of night financing the the terrorism of the Islamic State of Iran to the tune of $400M, cash!

Hear how the Prime Minister of Israel, who sanctions and facilitates the murder of both Jewish and Arab children in the womb, is shocked at the lack of respect for the lives of children displayed when an Arab man pushes his 4 year old son into the muzzles of Israeli machine guns.

Find out why the so called right to “privacy” of parents who murder their children has resulted in the number one cause of death in America being kept a deep, dark secret.

The U.S. Supreme Court is preparing another opinion: this time on Transgendered bathroom use, and we wonder aloud if the lemmings will go along, just like with Roe & Obergefell…

And having grown up saturated in pornography and moral relativism, the millennials are not looking for love, (they don’t even want sex).

And finally; while the gritty Texans of the Permian Basin have fought OPEC to a standstill in the oil price war, a young NFL star named Benjamin Watson is speaking truth to the powers hell bent on the extinction of his people though child killing.

All that at the podcast below, along with a bit of humor from Alaska, and the view from West Valley, New York to the surface of the moon…