Just Like Clockwork

Join the nations most attractive audio engineer as her host bumps in and out of the ultra-violent, the cultural rot, and the Truth that can save the heathens from themselves.

We begin with Malcolm McDowell’s mom and the prophetic nature of the production, and public release of one of the most evil movies ever made…

Find out why the American Justice system is hopelessly broken, and how the media is quick to point out the record number of exonerations wrenched out of the judiciary in 2015, while generally downplaying the record number of crime victims.

Find out why a New York subway ride might just include a good slashing, or a walk down the street in Chicago a jolly good murder.

And discover how the American government armed Moslems for Russia!

Two more cops were murdered in broad daylight just for wearing the uniform, a believing T-Shirt printer is being asked to take the Mark of the Beast in Kentucky, and Valentine’s Day is morphing into Halloween as the prophecies of “A Clockwork Orange” bleed across the cultural landscape.

Tennessee’s first female combat engineer has run away, a terrorist named Mohammad went on a machete wielding rampage at the Nazareth Restaurant and Deli in Columbus, and Richard Dawkins had a stroke in a long anticipated answer to prayer!

A Devil worshiper in Houston is accused of murdering a teen-aged boy, a tranny and his wife are cruising English bars for boys, and in Norman Oklahoma four teen aged boys raped 2 other boys.

Your host was recovering from an illness that may or may not have been the Zika virus, and if it was Zika, without access to a safe legal abortion he may not be able to get effective treatment anytime soon…

The shameless mother of one of the Columbine Killers has written a book, even though she admits she doesn’t know what the hell was going on with her maniacal, evil son. The Pentagon is considering paying for “gender dysphoria” treatments for American servicemen, (and women…. and “others“), and in Oklahoma City a grandson has shot and decapitated his grandparents.

And with all this going on the “conservative” media practically worshiped the casket of Antonin Scalia, enemy of the Personhood of the unborn, and the pop-culture vomited its rot upon the suicidal idiot children they’ve raised, with NBC airing a TV program making Jesus out to be a sex pervert!

While Malcolm McDowell’s momma may not have been a saint, even she was shocked way back in 1972 to see that certain things previously unmentionable, (and certainly un-airable) were out of the closet. And history shows that once a society has gone there, it’s merely a matter of time until the whole damned thing comes crashing down!

Hear about all this and more in this weeks podcast below.


Defining Civilization Down

Listen in as America’s most attractive audio engineer assists her host in describing the problems & solutions to all that’s ailing Western Civilization.

If you didn’t already realize that America is the most blessed nation on the face of God’s green earth, where even the most shiftless losers among us benefit from the abundant grace poured out upon us every day by a merciful and patient God: check out the homeless guy in Detroit taking Mastercard!

You’ll hear a gender fluid “christian” sociologist pay homage to Mohammad, learn how slope shouldered, pathetic, RE-publican advocate of judicial supremacy Jeb Bush abandoned Terri Schiavo to be killed, (and then cites his failure, to prove his conservative bona-fides), & find out how “many scientists theorize” earth got it’s perfectly fine tuned moon!

And speaking of theories: Friday February 12th is not only Charles Darwin’s birthday, it’s also “Question Evolution Day“, brought to you by the fine folks at Piltdown Superman! Join in the fun as rational people everywhere joyously question the crackpot foolishness that is Darwinian Evolution, (gullible morons are excepted).

We tried to find an update on the story of a Bronx woman who was hacked to death by an unidentified 20 year old man, but could find none… perhaps we’ll have to wait for Judgment Day.

Barry HO is fighting the plague of rampant Islamaphobia sweeping the west ever since Islamists started massacring people left and right with a presidential visit to a Baltimore mosque linked to terrorists, South Carolina legislators think Sharia in America is actually worthy of serious debate, Italy is legalizing open fornication and sexual deviance, and Planned Parenthood wants to protect children from the Zika Virus by killing them!

In Texas a post abortive D.A.’s office has blessed the Right to Life Movement with indictments against the investigative journalists who exposed Planned Parenthood’s callous attitude about selling the baby body parts of the children they “protected” in Houston. The indictments appear to be for faking a Driver’s License, (a felony) and attempted trafficking in illicit baby body parts, (a misdemeanor).

While economists question the Fed’s December interest rate hike, free people are learning to operate exponentially more efficient farms with robots, and how to profit from the creative destruction of the shale oil bust.

And while Hillary’s indictment has not yet been publicly requested by the FBI, one of Bubba’s former mistresses isn’t waiting around to warn her friends that the Bill & Hill machine might just kill her!

It’s a worldview that might surprise you at times, and it might make you think, or laugh, or cry… but one thing’s for certain. It’s an original! And it’s only available right here.