The Sheep from the Goats

America’s most attractive audio engineer is back with her host for another year. Listen in to discover the most important things coming.

Hear a little investing analysis between James Tour’s cancer killing nanomachines at Nanorobotics and blowing smoke at Make Sunsets

Akio Toyoda says electric vehicles will not be Toyota’s exclusive future, Alexandra Eckersley’s attempted murder is the poster child of the homeless advocates, and the thought police arrested Isabelle Vaughan-Spruce outside an abortion clinic in England for praying…

Franklin Graham might not know that homosexuality is criminal behavior, but unlike Amy Grant, he still knows it’s a sin! Senator Mike Lee might not know that porn is criminal, but he make it harder for the kids to get to, and Donald Trump might not know that his endorsements of child killing and sodomy mean he won’t “win” on earth or in heaven.

Euthanasia isn’t killing anyone in Belgium, but almost 30,000 people have murdered their own relatives using euthanasia as a cover. John Legend loves funding child killers and springing dangerous  criminals from jail. Hear just some of the gory details surrounding the granting of “life” sentences by the psychotic governor Kate Brown.

Sammy Bankman-Fried was freed on a fake bond for real crimes, but real crimes like the University of Idaho murders are going to get harder to get away with as commercial DNA databases get bigger.

Practically half the students at the 7 sisters colleges, and almost half the white boys studying the liberal arts have gone gay, while in High Schools government “Departments of Health” prepare the next wave of brainwashed victims for entry into “higher” education.

All that plus: the IRS wants to put you on welfare, John Hayward and Brietbart present symptoms of  the COVID-mania, Kevin McCarthy’s got it “fixed”, and Rock Star, Millionaire Steven Tyler is a self proclaimed child molester, and one of the elites ushering in the End of the World.