Weekly Bible Study – Jesus on Hell Part II

This week find out:

Who taught the most about Hell? Jesus Christ. Is talking about Hell meant to scare people? Yes! Why is there a Hell? Because in order for God to keep His promises to those who love him regarding eternal life, those who refuse eternal life will have to be kept elsewhere, eternally. Who is going to Hell? Whomever God decides. And will not the judge of all the earth judge rightly? Anyone who will not humble himself and ask God for forgiveness of sin, or for violating one’s own conscience. How long will the lost spend in Hell. Forever. Will all the lost be punished alike? No, the worse will suffer more, possibly at the hands of the others in Hell. Who rules in Hell? No one. Although Jesus decides who goes there. There will be no ruler in Hell, no beer in hell, no drugs in hell.

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