Abandoning Winston Churchill & Losing a Republic

Join the world’s most attractive audio engineer as she she wraps “all the news fit to print” into auditory delectables for the spirit & the mind! Conservative Talk cookies if you will…

We start with the landmark on the broad path to Hell that was the White House Correspondent’s Dinner, where RE-publicans joined democrats, celebrities, urinalists, (formerly known as “journalists”) & sports stars in a high handed yuck fest of antediluvian proportions…

Then there’s Sheriff Joe Arpiao going soft in his old age, Barry and the other lawyers opening the door to put toll booths on every interstate highway, and Google caving to pressure from the baby killers to restrict advertising by the Crisis Pregnancy Centers who do the Lord’s Work.

The full frontal assault on the Death Penalty continues from the highest seat of power in the land, a new study reveals that divorce is a “social contagion“, and a tranny who beats up girls has the “proctocrats” in Pennsylvania arguing over issues that should never come up in the first place!

MTV continues their criminal promotion of sexual perversion, the craven nature of reality TV leads to an online public display of the will to murder… in order to be on reality TV, and a slut auctions off her virginity in front of her mom & dad & God and everybody…

Proctocrats in Pennsylvania have stolen a widows house over an unpaid six dollar property tax bill, Nancy Pelosi wants to talk about anything but Benghazi, (and will likely get her way), And John Kerry threatens Jews with Arab terror, and implies their desire to live in Israel alongside their Arab neighbors is akin to Apartheid.

The heathen Chinese government has begun the destruction of Christian church buildings that we pray will strengthen the Chinese Church, and lead to an explosion of liberty for the Chinese people.

Barry HO asked an Imam to pray for him while rapping in Moslem on his tour of Malaysia, The Pope issued another communist tweet, and the Archbishop of Canterbury reiterated his assertion the the formerly Great Britain is a “post-christian” nation.

And a British politician was arrested in England for quoting Winston Churchill regarding the well established observation that Islam is the “strongest retrograde force that exists in the world”, (although to be fair to Mr. Churchill he had not witnessed the modern EU, nor the current British proctocracy when he made those remarks).

And finally we bring you reason number 716 to keep, or get your kids out of the government schools: a recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance calling America “one nation under Allah…”

We cover the stuff the other conservative talkers recite, but with more wit and wisdom, and we bring you the stories the others fail to see, all at the podcast below.