Where Have All the Good Guys Gone?

This week America’s most attractive audio engineer bumps in and out of a news cycle reminiscent of the last days of Rome…

Encouraging “…the legitimate redistribution of wealth by the state…” Pope Francis “the Red“confirms that he is indeed a communist! (As first reported right here on the The Weekly Worldview). And Chuck Hagel is continuing Barry Ho’s full court press to further homosexualize the American Military by suggesting the current military ban on mentally ill trans-gendered people be subject to “review”.

Hollywood Director John Erwin of “October Baby” fame casts a few stones at Hollywood’s sewer pipe, birth rates continue to drop in virtually every “civilized” nation on the planet, and HGTV, (dubbed “homo & gay TV” here at the Worldview) has cancelled the Christian Benham brothers, while green-lighting a show for degenerate, Ellen Degeneres.

The formerly Christian Harvard College will host a Satanic black mass this week, an East Carolina State prof told students they could not thank God at their graduation, and “Friday Night Lights” Permian High School in Odessa Texas saw the suicide this past week of the 5th teacher accused of molesting students this year!

You host rails against the vile term “baby mama” while exhorting the sacred nature of motherhood, the once normal Bishop who defiled himself & the Episcopal Church by proudly & publicly marrying a man is now divorcing that man, and an Austrian bearded lady has become the poster child of the EEEEeeeeeeeuuuuuuuuuu.

Matt Drudge has practically come out as a homo himself with his disgusting  display of two perverts kissing….

The Islamist, satanic, criminals of Boko Haram have kidnapped hundreds of schoolgirls in Nigeria, and The West’s response? A hashtag, some tweets, a few crocodile tears and oh yes, a promise from the Barry & Kerry show to do “everything possible” to help Nigeria deal with Boko Haram. Deal???

Meanwhile Barry spat out  an unintelligible string of meaningless platitudes as he was apparently honored for his management of the American Abortion Holocaust, alongside Jewish Holocaust survivors in Hollywood.

“Urinalists” on TV and in newspapers far and wide continue to mis-read the civilizational clash that their promotion of sin and wickedness is bringing to a head, but if you tune in to the podcast below, you’ll get the straight dope as to what’s really going on…