Planned Personhood

As Jesse Jackson attempts to relive the glory of the civil rights movement, (riding a bus, but this time only for effect) the most significant social movement of our generation gathers strength intended to burst upon the world stage in earnest come November of 2010. Personhood gained momentum in two more states this week, and the leftists are going quite mad trying to defend their morally, scientifically, logically indefensible position, (they expect reasonable people to entertain the idea that, “yes, it is a person, but we want the right to kill it anyway).”  Well, reasonable and civilized people will entertain no such nonsense. Hear their worst arguments and their wost fears below….

While Colorado medical marijuana stashes are attracting an unsavory element to the homes and businesses of those in the “medical dope” industry, Barry ho has made a faustian bargain with the Russians, who in turn have become so drunk on the excesses of oligarchy that they’ve woken up in the arms of suicidal ideologues with beautiful Persian rugs. You wonder whose smoking what… or maybe it really is the vodka on one side and the opium on the other.

As Arnold Schwarzenegger defiles his final days in office, a slave to to the same people who defiled his posters in ’70s back rooms in the Village and the Castro, (Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings for example), Fox News was unmasked as a slave of those who defile the title “conservative” …that’s right, the RE-publican party leadership. All the while Michael Courington, a news director from CBS/CW TV in Tennessee may put you off truck stops, but Sapp Brothers is here to save the day!

A “respected Old Testament Scholar” says God did not intend Genesis to imply that He’s the creator, and that we’re all the victims of a simple misunderstanding of the “original text”. But she forgets, we know the original author, and His intent to create Heaven on Earth. But alas in these days injustice abounds and domestic tranquility is further riven as those who should not live are kept alive, and those who should not die are killed. Perhaps if we can assert by law this one true thing,… Personhood… we can teach our children to lead us out of this wilderness. Give a listen…

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