Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Accomplice

Merry Christmas from the conservative talk show that shifts the focus this week from the “war” on Christmas, to the War on Christians, (and the wars on justice and the innocent being carried out by accomplices in the Justice and Pro-Life Industries respectively).

Your favorite conservative talk show host Doug McBurney delves into the week that was… including shocking Hollywood breakups, strategies to reduce homelessness, (or at least get the bums out of your neighborhood) and the war we should be declaring on pornographers.

Hear about the corruption of the language and 14 year-olds by Planned Parenthood and The new Pro-Life Standard that the Salvation Army will be called to uphold.

Personhood is on the March in Arkansas and Colorado!

And there’s our continuing coverage of the epidemic of bloodshed and violence that consumes our nation daily, and how to actually prevent crime, rather than make a living off it like the lawyers, judges and politicians conspiring together in the “Just-A-System”.

And of course there is the war… both the ones that are ending and the one that is coming with Iran.

We do touch on a bit of politics from Newt telling off a queer in Iowa, to Ron Paul, (oops, I mean Jimmy Carter) sending condolences to Kim Dung UN in North Korea, to someone finally noticing that Michelle Obama just ain’t all that and a bag of chips when it comes to style fashion, and bodily proportion

And of course there is the obligitory Tim Tebow link in a brazen effort to improve our ratings by capitalizing on the most popular athlete in America, (even if he’s not quite John Elway on the field). He is a blessing to God and Man no matter where he is!

Enjoy the podcast folks: