Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Bottoms Up!

Marriage is at an all time low, bodies are buried in a mass graves in L.A., Mumia Abu Jamal thinks he got away with it, The war in Iraq is lost, The war in Iran may have already begun, Moslems are infiltrating the Marines, Christopher Hitchens is in Hell, Boxer and Pelosi are certifiable, and Tim Tebow is not as good as Tom Brady, and should lose… but we’ll all be watching, won’t we, even the heathens!

Korn and Kid Rock endorse, but your humble host of the most important conservative talk show in history holds his fire. Even as several RE-publican politicians participate in one of the most historically significant events of this century; becoming signatories to the Personhood Pledge. And you can count on us here to hold them to it… Actually, God will do that!

But alas, there is no time to continue writing as we pack up the plantation and head to work for the weekend. So please enjoy the podcast, and we’ll be back next week!