Conservative Talk – The Weekly Worldview: Church & State

Join your favorite conservative talk show in progress! That’s right, if you ever get a chance to sit down and talk politics and religion with your host, you’ll find out he’s the same way all the time… we just put a mic in front of him once a week for the benefit of rest of you!

This week: The NAACP is now the NAAQP, lumping our God fearing black brothers and sisters in with the pile of homos celebrated last week by Americas first Queer president. Yes, the organization founded to secure the blessings of personhood for all black people in America now ignores the wholesale slaughter of the black community through abortion, and instead have applied tee 14th Amendment that recognized that personhood to the queers. Go figure!

And that’s just the first shocker! Rhode Island wants to pass a bill of rights for bums and vagrants, Florida has failing schools, so naturally the solution is to lower the standards required to pass tests, a boy was suspended from school for wearing a skirt, and the students and faculty can’t really figure out why, and the government in Maryland finds itself helpless to do anything about a man who fathered 30 kids with 11 different women!

If there was ever a week of news that better exemplified the disastrous results of the Church’s disengagement from civic life back in the 60’s, it was this week.

The resulting society, (and we use that term loosely) is now producing friendships that end in murder, and even the judges who banished the church from the state can’t escape the ugly product of their misguided handiwork!

The justice system has devolved into a hotbed of activists questioning and corrupting the very foundation of justice, the politicians put the military in harms way to aggrandize themselves and the diplomats secure freedom for killers and hide the righteous in the deepest darkest corners of academia.

And while we still manage to be repulsed by the story of far eastern practitioners of black magic trading and devouring the flesh of the innocents, we need look no further than family next door to see the truth about our own appetites…

The day the preachers were convinced to sit down and shut up about the government was the day America was infected. And the disease is progressing just as expected.

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