Conservative Talk: The Weekly Worldview: A Tawdry Political Thing

America’s most compelling conservative talk show returns to to a worldwide audience on the world wide web, unconstrained by the bounds of the traditional broadcast media!

This week find out why disposable plastic grocery bags separate western civilization from the  poor slobs around the globe forced by simple lack of technology to wash and slog reusable “hippy bags” to and from the local market!

And there’s the Global Pro-Life Unity Summit in Lisbon, where the youthful & exuberant leaders of the burgeoning Personhood Movement signed the joint Pro Life Declaration of Lisbon. Giving the youths something to look to in the absence of buying tickets for the upcoming tour of punk rocker turned homosexual self mutilator Tom Gabel and his band we never heard of…

Meanwhile Canadian officials nonchalantly released a pornographic twenty dollar bill, Barack Obama’s White house requires registration of in-utero visitors while Douglas Johnson, National Right to Life Committee’s legislative  director advocated the murder of innocent children in front of God and everybody, with a straight face, and wasn’t called on it! (Except for here at the Weekly Worldview) where we take talk, and especially conservative talk, seriously enough to actually analyze what people say and do!

And now, on top of all the talk about homo marriage and Barry Ho and Joe Biden, (America’s first gay couple in the White House), we find out that about one baby per hour is born addicted to pain pills in America, and that even a giant of a man like Junior Seau can be snuffed out under the weight of guilt and hurt that accompanies divorce.

Justice continues to be pervert across the fruited plain, from a murderer in Indiana, allowed to live after killing a chopping up a 9 year old girl, to a law enforcement official in Massachusetts who has his heart in the right place, but his mind lacks the wisdom to stop the flood of vulgarity engulfing society.

We span the globe, covering Barry Ho’s “Top Ten” list of important military missions, (really Doug’s top ten), the politicization of counter-terrorism efforts by the HO administration, the Christian pastor and his lawyer sentenced in Iran, the continuing saga of Cen Guangcheng and the once great nation that has abandoned him and his family to their fate amongst our Chinese “allies“.

And then there’s the pesky question of Barry Soetoro’s Selective Service Registration Card… which may have been destroyed, under color of law, leaving the question of who this guy really is as ambiguous as it ever was…

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