Crime & Government

This week your 2nd or 3rd favorite conservative talk host and his extremely attractive audio engineer talk the global government spy scandal & focus on the real issue; the criminals monitoring our data…

And then there’s Lyudmila Putin’s divorce, suicidal lawyers, Homeschooling eclipsing state education in myriad ways, & reason 681 to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government school.

The Bible is #1 in Norway! And the Bishop of Rochester affirms the biblical truth that a constitutional monarchy is from the Bible, (and is God’s preferred form of government)!

Cable TV continues to perpetrate crimes against humanity with tranny superhero for 6 year olds, while an heroic cabbie in New york ejected two guys kissing in the back seat!

Meanwhile Barry Ho’s LBGT minions at the Department of Justice are insisting that employees verbally acknowledge support for homos, and a Navy Seal’s gone over to the dark side…

John Kerry is sending billions to the Moslem Brotherhood in Egypt while his equal in democratic embarrassment, John McCain poses with kidnappers and terrorists in Libya! And against this backdrop, a soldier guarding the terrorists at Gitmo who has been seeking something to believe in has converted to Islam.

Questions surrounding Ambassador Steven’s fate at Benghazi arise, while the well placed “survelliance scandal” distracts the entire media over spying capabilities that private data companies advertise on the Web. And while leftists demand their anonymity, Nidal Hasan of the Ft. Hood “workplace violence” incident continues to make a mockery of the American Just-a-System.

And the Supreme Court has decided that police can collect your DNA, along with your fingerprints when they arrest you, leaving the deviant supporters of anonymity in a tizzy, while your host reminds you that God not only has your DNA, but on Judgment Day, He’ll be running video and audio of every idle word…

There isn’t a better place to avoid the fog and confusion of other alleged conservative talk hosts than right here at the Weekly Worldview. So enjoy the podcast!