This week your loyal conservative talk show host and his extremely attractive audio engineer answer the long posited question: can a large population of seemingly rational people be brainwashed to regularly perform tasks that are objectively irrational? And the sad answer is yes.

We start with the irrationality behind the decision to allow Jodi Arias to live, then on to the less dramatic, but heretofore unthinkable display that is Anthony Weiner running for mayor of New York City, (while lawyers elected to govern the state of New York conspire to shake down the proprietors of unsuspecting bowling alleys)!

Ben Bernanke shakes the markets every time he breathes on a microphone, The Pope is apparently a communist and a biblical illiterate, a Frenchman has faced the culture war square on and decided to commit suicide, but on a brighter note Don Rumsfeld is against homosexual marriage

Leaders and volunteers at the Boy Scouts of America have thought long and hard about expelling God and including the perverts, and they’ve answered YES! But hope remains: in Ukraine the courts & the Orthodox Church has not conducted a poll or a listening tour, but decided to overthrow a “gay pride” event despite their lack of consideration for the thoughts and feelings of the other side, and in China over 60 years of official atheism has failed to convince even a simple majority.

Iran is another week closer to the bomb, (or more accurately, bombs). In the formerly great Britain the public slaughter of an unarmed soldier by a warrior of Allah has led primarily to the arrest of Anglophiles posting anti-Islamist tweets. And in America while a well meaning group of Sheriffs vow to “set America Free” , so far they’ve not stopped the murder of the innocents, and one sheriff’s department couldn’t even stop an assault in rural Oregon!

We give reasons one through four to keep your kids out of law school, and reason 687 to keep, (or get) your kids out of the government schools.

Ted Cruz doesn’t trust RE-publicans with his money, (what about your life Ted)? Un-assimilated Moslems are rioting in Sweden, Barry’s announcing new rules for drones, ignorant children in college are demanding divestment from oil companies and 49 elementary schools are closing in Chicago.

Homosexuality, pornography and abortion have led to a steep decline in the American teen birth rate, a former abortionist has come part way into the light of Personhood, and we’ve uncovered the disturbing possibility that cockroaches may the the only thing standing between us and the end of the world!

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